How do you wear a PHD graduation cap?


How do you wear a PHD graduation cap?

The front of the cap is indicated by the crown area, and the bottom of the cap should be 1 inch above your eyebrows. It should also be flat and level with the floor. The tam should be flat and level to the floor. The tassel needs to be on the left, near your temple.

What do you call a doctoral hat?

Graduation Tam Also known as a Tudor bonnet, this special cap is reserved for master’s and doctorate recipients. During the graduation ceremony, it is also worn by professors and academic officials. Typically, the academic tam is made with fluffy velvet material in a circular design.

What should you put on your grad cap?

60 Genius Graduation Cap Ideas

  1. Dream Big Worry Small. This Rascal Flatts quote is perfect for a graduate stepping out into the world.
  2. Great Things Come in Small Packages.
  3. Beauty and the Grad.
  4. Gold for the Win.
  5. For the Art Majors and Art Lovers.
  6. The Muggle Struggle.
  7. Adventure in a World of Possibilities.
  8. The Little Mer-grad.

What side does the tassel go on for doctorate?

left side
College – Post-Graduate Degrees For a Master or Doctoral degree, tassels should be worn on the left side of the cap and stays there during the entire commemcement ceremony.

What do PHDS wear to graduation?

Doctoral regalia meaning At the doctoral level, regalia consists of a more elaborate gown with a five-inch velvet panel down the front and three velvet bars on each sleeve. The velvet trim on a doctoral gown indicates the degree and academic discipline of the graduate.

Do guys decorate their graduation caps?

Customizing your grad cap can be a great way to catch the eyes of potential employers looking on from the stands. Just think about it – if you don’t decorate your grad cap, you’re blending in with the crowd.

What do the colors of doctoral robes mean?

Doctoral gowns have bell sleeves with three velvet bands on them and velvet facing on the front of the gown. The Code calls for the gown trim to be either black or the color designated for the field of study in which the doctorate is earned, with the proviso that the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.)