How do you use Illustrious in a sentence?


How do you use Illustrious in a sentence?

Illustrious sentence example

  1. The family was illustrious and wealthy, and claimed descent from Constantine.
  2. Then Deioces, son of Phraortes, an illustrious man of upright character, was chosen judge in his village, and the justness of his decisions induced the inhabitants of the other villages to throng to him.

What is the meaning of the word illustrious ‘?

notably or brilliantly outstanding
Definition of illustrious 1 : notably or brilliantly outstanding because of dignity or achievements or actions : eminent. 2 archaic. a : shining brightly with light.

Does illustrious mean famous?

highly distinguished; renowned; famous: an illustrious leader. glorious, as deeds or works: many illustrious achievements.

What are some synonyms for the word illustrious?

synonyms for illustrious

  • distinguished.
  • eminent.
  • esteemed.
  • exalted.
  • famed.
  • glorious.
  • lofty.
  • noble.

How do you use the word elucidate?

elucidate (something) He elucidated a point of grammar. The aim of the report is to elucidate the main points of the new regulations. Let me elucidate….

  1. Occasionally I had to elucidate a point of law.
  2. She would not elucidate further.
  3. The exact details of the process have not yet been elucidated.

What is the correct meaning of the word illusive?

Definition of illusive : based on or producing illusion : illusory, deceptive … that illusive shimmer of hot surface air …—

Can a thing be illustrious?

Something that’s Illustrious is well known or famous, leaving a trail of glory in its wake. An illustrious career, for example, is full of impressive achievements and celebrated contributions to society. Coming from the Latin illustris, meaning “bright, distinguished, famous,” illustrious is a powerful adjective.

What is a good sentence for elucidate?

There was a mystery about the Animal, he said, but he would not elucidate. He tried to elucidate the Architect view of free will and the fate of the universe.

Is it illusive or elusive?

In summary: Something that is elusive avoids being caught, either physically by someone pursuing it, or mentally by someone trying to understand it. Something that is illusive is based on an illusion, on something that is not true or real.

What is the difference between allusive and elusive?

To summarize, ‘allusive’ is used to describe something that makes a reference, hint, or other indirect speech. ‘Elusive’ is something that is hard to find, cannot be understood, or cannot be captured.

What do you call a well-known saying?

Adage, proverb, or saw: a widely known or popular aphorism that has gained credibility by long use or tradition.

What is a synonym and antonym for illustrious?

ˌɪˈlʌstriːəs) Widely known and esteemed. Antonyms. unknown unacknowledged unworthy unnoticeable ugly unimpressive unbeknown.

How can you use the power of words to do good?

We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively use words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.”

When to use word elucidate?

to explain something or make something clear: I don’t understand. You’ll have to elucidate. The reasons for the change in weather conditions have been elucidated by several scientists.