How do you unlock infinite ammo in Resident Evil Outbreak?


How do you unlock infinite ammo in Resident Evil Outbreak?

Resident Evil: Outbreak Cheats

  1. Unlimited Ammo. Beat ALL stages with a 100% rating and Unlimited Ammo will be available for 50,000 points.
  2. Get Solo Mode. Beat the All levels on hard mode and solo mode will be available for 10,000 points.
  3. Get Hard Mode.
  4. Be Match Stick Men.
  5. Be Peter.
  6. Be Monica.
  7. Be Frank.
  8. Get Very Hard Mode.

Can you still play re outbreak?

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of talented fans, one can actually play online, long after the official servers have shut down. provides a private server for players, which was reconstructed using server packets from the Japanese versions. Connecting is easy, but will require some setup.

How do you get Magnum in re8?

This upgrade for the magnum will become available in the shop once you’ve reached the main elevator in The Factory area of the game. It can then be purchased for 100,000 Lei.

How much is infinite ammo re8?

An infinite ammo weapon that may be fully unlocked with just a total of 80000 CP. It’s relatively easy to obtain since it doesn’t need to be upgraded nor customized.

Where is the safe code in Resident Evil 2?

Safe Combinations

  1. First Floor West Office Safe – You can find the code on the STARS Office memo. Code is left 9, right 15, left 7.
  2. East Wing Waiting Room Safe – Code is found on the Confiscation Report File.
  3. Treatment Pool Room Safe – Combination is found on the side of the safe, so you won’t have to go far.

What is the strongest weapon in RE8?

The S.T.A.K.E. is the best magnum in the game. With maxed-out firepower of 4500, it can one-shot most mobs on any difficulty. It will be of great help on a second playthrough. The S.T.A.K.E. will be purchasable from the Duke on your second run of the story.

What is the lock code in Resident Evil 2 West office?

The Police Station 1F West office safe code is 9 Left, 15 Right, 7 Left.

Will there be a Resident Evil Outbreak remake?

Gamers that had never touched a Resident Evil game before flocked to these landmark titles, and experienced remakes of the series’ classics along the way. Now, the critically-acclaimed 2005 title Resident Evil 4 is getting a remake, with fans rejoicing in knowing that their long-held prayers have been answered.

Who started the outbreak in Resident Evil?

The viral outbreak in Raccoon City was caused by several actions by Umbrella employees – one release of the T-virus in Raccoon Forest, and another release of the G-Virus in the city.

How do you get 777 lei in RE8?

Go into the Duke’s shop and spend every penny you have until you have nothing left (yes, I’m being serious) and this is where the magic happens. Each bullet you crafted can be sold for 7 Lei so when you sell them onto the Duke, you will have exactly 777 in your pocket, thus unlocking the trophy.