How do you solve clue scrolls in RuneScape?


How do you solve clue scrolls in RuneScape?

To solve elite clue scrolls, players may encounter compass, scans, puzzle boxes, celtic knots before obtaining a reward casket (elite), or a puzzle casket (elite), containing their rewards; 4–6 items are awarded from each elite casket opened.

Where can I get hard clue scrolls in rs3?

the Taverley hellhound resource dungeon
The best way to farm hard clue scrolls in large numbers is by killing hellhounds in the Taverley hellhound resource dungeon, requiring level 55 Dungeoneering. Your ability bar should consist of mainly abilities able to hit multiple targets, such as Corruption Blast, Chain (or Greater Chain), and Dragon Breath.

Where can I farm hard clue scrolls?

Taverley resource dungeon
The best way to farm hard clue scrolls in large numbers is in Taverley resource dungeon. Inside you will find a large amount of clustered hellhounds. Your ability bar should consist of mainly of abilities able to hit multiple targets such as Quake, Hurricane and Cleave.

Who drops hard clue scrolls?

Hard difficulty clue scrolls are a random drop from a large variety of higher-level monsters. Looting a magical chest from the dwarven instinct aura, or unlocking silver key chests within the Shades of Mort’ton minigame can award hard clue scrolls. Stanley Limelight Traders sell hard clue scrolls for 45 thaler each.

How many steps are hard clues?

A hard clue scroll can be 4-6 steps long. Clue scrolls are the start of a treasure trail – a treasure hunt that sends players hunting all around RuneScape.

How many steps are hard clue scrolls?

How do you do a clue sroll on RuneScape?

A clue scroll sends the player on Treasure Trails, a series of clues leading towards a buried treasure. Clue scrolls can be randomly dropped by various monsters, found while pickpocketing H.A.M. Members or Elven clan workers, looted from a Treasure chest decoration, or purchased with Thaler. Tier 2 luck or above increases the player’s chance of finding a clue scroll, even while pickpocketing.

What are the answers to every clue scroll for RuneScape?

Move the red knot clockwise up to 16 times.

  • If the two intersections are not matching after a full rotation of the red knot,move the blue knot clockwise once.
  • Repeat until the two intersections match.
  • Simply move the silver knot until the remaining four intersections match.
  • What is the hardest quest in RuneScape?

    Dragon Slayer 2 because of Galvek

  • Song of the Elves because Seren
  • Monkey Madness 2 because of the the part where you have to put the explosives without being caught.
  • Sins of the Father because of the final boss’ second phase which is hard for people with bad internet
  • Mourning’s End 2 because of the temple of light
  • Desert Treasure because everything
  • How to get easy rune set on RuneScape?

    – If you don’t know how to get to the GE page, you should be able to go Game Guide->Grand Exchange on the top bar. Thanks! – You can buy each individual component separately if you wish, but this way is the quickest way to go. Thanks! – The weapon is optional, you can use any weapon you want, but it wouldn’t be true full rune without it. Thanks!