How do you open the top of a Swingline stapler?


How do you open the top of a Swingline stapler?

Press the button on the stapler’s back end. There’s a small button on either the top or bottom edge. Press it to pop out the staple tray. Your stapler may also have a small piece of plastic over the tray that you’ll need to remove.

How do I open my stapler?

Hold the base of the stapler firmly in one hand, then pull back the top of the stapler where the staple tray is. Other stapler models include a silver tab on the bottom of the stapler, toward the back. Press it, and the stapler will automatically pop open, enabling you to use it for tacking purposes.

How do you fix a stuck Swingline electric stapler?

Turn the stapler upside down and shake it to clear out staples you can’t reach with your fingers. Grip the jammed staple with the needle-nose pliers and, while holding the stapler securely, pull it up. Twist the staple until it breaks into two pieces if it will not pull straight out.

How do you open a large stapler?

How to Load your Heavy Duty Stapler:

  1. Place stapler on a flat surface.
  2. Pull the stapler slide mechanism out of the back of the stapler so there is room to insert the staples.
  3. Insert the staples onto the stapler slide.
  4. Reinsert the slide mechanism back into the stapler slide.

How do you fix a stapler that won’t open?

Hold the top of the stapler magazine with two fingers and slowly, while maintaining firm pressure, start pulling the lid apart from the part of the magazine that holds the staple. Be careful not to do this too quickly, or the lid might again fly open, spraying the staples all over your office or desk.

How do I remove a staple stuck stapler?

Use a sharp object to push the jammed staple up from the bottom. Any of the following should work: tweezers, scissors, a flathead screwdriver, or needle-nosed pliers. Push the prongs of the jammed staple upward to try and loosen it from the grip of the stapler.

How do you open a stapler that won’t open?

How do you unjam a heavy duty stapler?

Firmly grab the handle of the heavy-duty stapler. Pry open the staple release head (where heavy-duty staples usually jam) by placing the flathead screwdriver in the slit where the staples come out. Pry down on the screwdriver to pop the stapler head open.