How do you make hosho?


How do you make hosho?

Hosho shakers are made of dried gourds filled with canna lily seeds, or hota. Sometimes boiled in salted water to improve their hardness, hosho are scraped out to remove seeds and other debris before hota seeds are added. Sometimes, a pattern of small holes may be burned into them using a hot awl.

What sound does a Sistrum make?

When shaken, the small rings or loops of thin metal on its movable crossbars produce a sound that can be from a soft clank to a loud jangling. Its name in the ancient Egyptian language was sekhem (sḫm) and sesheshet (sššt).

What do you call hosho in English?

Definitions. noun. grammar. Either of a pair of gourds with seeds inside, used as musical instruments in Zimbabwe.

How do you make kalimba out of household items?

Instructions for Making a DIY Craft Kalimba

  1. Give each student two paper bowls to decorate. Cut a large hole in the center of one bowl.
  2. Glue the wood onto the bowl near the hole in the top half.
  3. Arrange the Popsicle sticks how you like.
  4. After the Popsicle sticks are in place, add another strip of glue over them.

What are the materials in a kalimba?


  • Thin plywood.
  • Wooden board, or 5mm plywood.
  • Hardwood, such as walnut.
  • Brass rod stock.
  • Spring steel strip, like from a metal rake or drain cleaning strip.
  • Varnish.
  • Screws & threaded inserts.
  • Miscellaneous boards, tube, mounting hardware, glue, etc.

What are Kalimba tines made of?

The kalimba tines can be made from different types of metal, with variations of steel being the most common.

What metal is used to make mbira?

Although the metal keys were originally smelted directly from rock containing iron ore, now they are made of steel from bed springs, bicycle spokes, car seat springs, and other recycled or new steel materials. Rarely, a brass or copper key may be included.

What is the purpose of a sistrum?

A sistrum is an ancient Egyptian percussion instrument that was shaken during religious ceremonies and when coming into the presence of a deity.

How do you make homemade maraca for kids?


  1. Pour rice into an empty plastic egg and close the egg.
  2. Tape around the seam of the egg.
  3. Place the egg between the heads of two plastic spoons, and wrap tape around it to hold the spoons in place.
  4. Tape the handles of the two spoons to hold them together.
  5. Shake your homemade maraca!

How do you make gongs?

Just poke two holes in your metal pan several inches apart and thread a pipecleaner through each one. Twist the pipecleaner into a circle and the metal pan will hang perfectly on the stick or cardboard tube. If you’re using yarn, use as much as you need to hang your gong to the length that you desire.

What is Magavhu?

Magavhu are leg rattles used by dancers in Zimbabwe. They are tied to the back of the calf.

What is hosho in Ndebele?

The hosho is an internal-seed rattle idiophone common throughout Zimbabwe especially amongst the Shona and the Ndebele peoples. Hosho are present in nearly all forms of ensemble music in Zimbabwe from spirit possession ceremonies, called bira, to recreational dance drumming.