How do you get to BWL in Wotlk?


How do you get to BWL in Wotlk?

Attunement for Blackwing Lair may not be easy, but it’s simple in what you have to do.

  1. Go up to the platform where Blackrock Spire is.
  2. Instead of entering the instance, go down the hall to the right.
  3. The letter will begin a quest. (
  4. The orb is behind General Drakkisath in UBRS, kill him and touch the orb behind him.

Can you enter BWL without attunement?

You can enter BWL without being attuned. However, you will need to enter through the entrance inside of UBRS. The BWL attunement allows you to use the ORB outside of the BRS entrance to directly port you into BWL.

Is there a BWL attunement?

This is for BWL Attunement. Basically, you loot the letter from the guy on the right before you enter UBRS, read the letter for the quest, then go all the way to the end, kill the general, then touch that glowing orb that’s behind him. BAM, you’re BWL attuned.

What level can you enter Blackwing Lair Shadowlands?

Blackwing Lair
BWL, Blackwing
Type Raid
Advised level 60
Player limit 40

Where is Bastion of Twilight entrance?

The entrance to the bastion sits at the peak of the Twilight Citadel, atop a twisted elementium spire that points at the sky.

Does Blackwing Lair need attunement?

Blackwing Lair, often called BWL, is WoW’s second 40-man raid, where you will be able to find T2 loot. Like Molten Core, you need to finish an attunement quest in order to be able to enter the instance.

Do you have to be attuned for BWL TBC?

You can enter BWL without being attuned.

Where is Dragon Soul entrance?

the Caverns of Time instance hub
The entrance to the Dragon Soul is located in the Caverns of Time instance hub. The raid instance houses 8 boss encounters (although the final two are both against Deathwing, so there are technically only 7 bosses).