How do you fix a protruding bladder?


How do you fix a protruding bladder?


  1. Pelvic floor muscle exercises. These exercises — often called Kegel exercises or Kegels — help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, so they can better support your bladder and other pelvic organs.
  2. A supportive device (pessary).

Why does my bladder area stick out?

Bladder prolapse or cystocele is when the bladder bulges into the front wall of the vagina. This is also referred to as anterior vaginal wall prolapse. Bladder prolapse usually happens because of weakening and stretching of the vaginal walls and pelvic floor muscles, due to childbirth or repetitive straining.

What does a protruding bladder feel like?

Symptoms of a Prolapsed Bladder Discomfort or pain in the pelvis. Tissue protruding from the vagina (The tissue may be tender and may bleed.) Difficulty urinating. A feeling that the bladder is not empty immediately after urinating (incomplete voiding)

Can you push a prolapsed bladder back into place?

If you or your child has a rectal prolapse, you may be able to push the prolapse back into place as soon as it occurs. Your doctor will let you know if this is okay to do.

What is a bladder prolapse?

Bladder prolapse is a condition that affects women. Also known as cystocele and anterior prolapse, bladder prolapse occurs when the bladder bulges into the vagina as a result of a weakening and stretching of the vaginal wall.

What is a Grade 3 prolapsed bladder?

A prolapsed bladder is classified as a grade 3 when the bladder has fallen so far that it bulges out of the vagina. What Causes A Prolapsed Bladder? A prolapsed bladder is caused when the pelvic floor has become weakened or compromised. Two of the most common things that cause a prolapse are childbirth and menopause.

Can a prolapsed bladder pop out through the vagina?

In severe cases, the prolapsed bladder can appear at the opening of the vagina. Sometimes it can even protrude (drop) through the vaginal opening. Bladder prolapse is common in women. The symptoms of bladder prolapse can be bothersome but it can be treated.

What is a dropped bladder?

When these muscles and tissues become weakened or damaged, one or more of these pelvic organs can drop or collapse, causing uncomfortable symptoms. While any of the organs listed above can drop, the most common type of prolapse is a dropped bladder, also known as a cystocele.