How do you beat the parasite on Levias?


How do you beat the parasite on Levias?

To defeat Bilocyte, Link must first use his Loftwing to Spiral Charge into the eyeball at the end of each tentacle hanging out of Levias’s body. Alternatively, using the Bow and a well-aimed Arrow, Link can shoot down the tentacles from atop Levias.

How do you damage Bilocyte?

Bilocyte is killed using the classic Zelda technique of knocking an enemy’s projectiles back at it with your sword. First, you need to send one of the green balls into the frills on either side of Bilocyte’s main eye. You can do this by performing a sword swing in the direction you want the ball to go.

How do you hit targets in Skyward Sword?

Once you have equipped the Clawshots, press the ZR Button to use it. For both button-only controls and motion controls, move your Right Joy-Con to aim. Press the ZR Button to shoot the Clawshot. If you use it to shoot at a target, you can use the second Clawshot to aim at another area.

What is the best Dungeon in Skyward Sword?

The Legend of Zelda: All Skyward Sword HD Dungeons, Ranked

  1. 1 Sky Keep.
  2. 2 Sandship.
  3. 3 Lanayru Mining Facility.
  4. 4 Ancient Cistern.
  5. 5 Fire Sanctuary.
  6. 6 Earth Temple. The Earth Temple has a spectacular aesthetic.
  7. 7 Skyview Temple. Skyview Temple is an absolutely wonderful first dungeon for the game.

Is Levias a leviathan?

Levias is a giant flying whale deity – similar to the Wind Fish and Ocean King – that lives inside the Thunderhead in The Sky and also takes his name from the word “Leviathan”. Like Lord Jabu-Jabu, Levias is infected by a parasite called Bilocyte.

What happened to Levias?

After she is summoned by the Magic Circle located in her fountain, Levias is fed a giant pumpkin dangling from a fishing pole by the Great Fairy’s fairy servants, which empowers Levias enough to weaken Volga, allowing Fi and Link to defeat him.

Whats the earliest you can get the Hylian Shield in Skyward Sword?

The Hylian Shield is obtained by fighting through Boss Rush Mode. This mode is only available once you have saved the Thunder Dragon in Lanayru Gorge, late in the game when Link is tracking down the Song of the Hero.

What is the last dungeon in Skyward Sword?

Sky Keep
Sky Keep is the final Dungeon in Skyward Sword.

How many dungeons does Skyward Sword have?

seven dungeons
Skyward Sword follows a linear storyline of tackling seven dungeons. Amongst this dungeon crawling, you’ll also need to complete a variety of other activities, such as competing in the Wing Ceremony or exploring the forgotten surface world.