How do I train for a 10km swim?


How do I train for a 10km swim?

10 x 1 km at easy pace + 2 mins recovery. easy continuous swim. 8 x 400m increasing speed as: 1–4 at easy pace + 60 secs recovery, 5–6 at race pace + 60 secs recovery, 7–8 at threshold + 60 sec recovery. 10 x 200m at race effort + 60 secs rest after each 200m.

How long does it take to swim 10K open water?

Marathon swimming isn’t anything like it sounds. First, the Olympic event is not even a marathon; it’s a 10K (or 6.2 miles). The reason it got that name was because it typically takes elite-level swimmers about the same to complete the open-water race as a road marathon takes to run — around two hours.

How many lengths is 10km?

Therefore, a 10K is 10 kilometers (10,000 meters) or 6.2 miles. It’s double the distance of a 5K race.

How long does it take to swim 10km in the Olympics?

about two hours
The 10km event is often a closely-fought endurance race that is becoming more and more like a sprint event especially at the finish although it takes about two hours for athletes to cover the distance.

Is swimming harder than running?

It takes more physical effort to swim two miles than it does to run two miles. In other words, swimming takes more of a cardio effort than running does. Another plus to swimming is the water resistance. Water resistance is stronger than the wind resistance associated with running.

How do marathon swimmers drink water?

They are a fixed or floating pontoon where the coaches can get food or drinks to the athletes as they make their way around he course, without them having to climb out of the water. The coaches fix the refreshments to the end of a long pole, decorated in their country’s colours and hold it out for the swimmer to grab.

How do open water swimmers train?

Five Open Water Swimming Training Drills

  1. Swimming-Straight Drill and Eyes-Closed Drill. This drill helps you swim straight.
  2. Head-Up Drill. This drill helps to improve your sighting.
  3. Buoy Turn Drills. This drill helps improve your efficiency while going around buoys.
  4. Pick-It-Up Drill.

What should I eat before a 10k swim?

An hour before the race, eat some fast-digesting carbohydrates, such as fruit or a few handfuls of cereal (one low in fiber), and take in your caffeine if you’re using it. Right before the race (about 15 to 30 minutes), eat additional carbohydrates, such as a box of raisins, and drink 8 to 12 ounces of water.

Do long distance swimmers eat?

Marathon swimmers eat while treading water, gulping their food down and heading off towards the far shore in as few as 5 seconds, usually with little problem digesting and no threat of drowning.

How do you train for long distance open water swimming?

Open Water Swim Workouts

  1. Workout goal: efficient, relaxed, straight endurance swim.
  2. Warm up for 5 to 15 minutes, incorporate swim drills, establish effective rhythm of breathing.
  3. Do the swim straight drill to determine how straight you swim.
  4. During a long steady aerobic swim, work on sighting and swimming straight.

What is a good 10k time for a 60 year old?

Below are the averages reported by RunRepeat in 2019 that you can use as signposts to determine roughly where you should be when starting out and what times you can strive to meet (2)….Average finish times by age.

Age Men Women
50–54 56:12 1:04:04
55–59 59:00 1:07:41
60–64 58:48 1:09:51
65–99 1:03:02 1:18:57

What is the best online 10K swim training plan?

Online 10k swim training plans tend to be few and far between, but I did like the suggested training plan for the Dart 10k, focusing on three swims a week- a 90-minute fitness session, a 45-minute technique session and a weekly long swim (starting at 2.5k and peaking at 8k, 2-3 weeks before the event).

How to train for∽̱ a 10km marathon swim?

How to train for & race a 10km marathon swim 1 CALCULATING TRAINING TIME. The key to sensible 10km training is to ensure you don’t go at your programme in a mad panic to get yourself fit ‘yesterday’ – a weekly 2 ABOUT THE TRAINING PHASES. 3 RACE CONSIDERATIONS.

Why did I do a 10K swim?

I needed something bigger (or at least longer…). Something to make me a little nervous and even more so, excited, about my training. And so the 10k swim it was. Olympic swimming’s version of the marathon was exactly the ticket to motivate me to take my training to a new level.

What type of swimmer is the training plan for?

The training plan was originally created for a seasoned 10km swimmer competing in the Great Swims, UK. The plan has been adapted and re-set-out to cater for any open water 10km swimmer although experience and technique is a must to begin this plan.