How do I start running Goodsprings?


How do I start running Goodsprings?

Quick walkthrough Convince Chet to aid the Powder Gangers with a Speech or Barter check. Trick Doc Mitchell into aiding the Powder Gangers with a Medicine check. Return to Joe Cobb with the supplies. Attack the town of Goodsprings.

What are the 5 quests in Goodsprings?

Goodsprings quests

  • Ghost Town Gunfight.
  • Run Goodsprings Run.
  • Ain’t That a Kick in the Head (quest)
  • We Must Stop Meeting Like This.

How do you convince Chet?

Convincing Chet to help out requires passing a Barter check of 25, or paying 1000 caps. He will give the Courier a leather armor in ~50% condition, and promises to offer his stock to the town as well (equipping the generic Goodsprings settlers in sets of leather armor).

What happens if Joe Cobb dies?

If Joe Cobb is killed, his body will never disappear.

How do I become idolized in Goodsprings?


  1. Kill Joe Cobb, the leader of the Powder Gangers, before their attack.
  2. Use friendly dialogue.
  3. By tagging Repair when you first start out, you can fix a 10mm submachine gun in Doc Mitchell’s house, in addition to Trudy’s radio.
  4. Tag/raise your Speech skill.

How do you get easy Pete dynamite?

Location. Easy Pete can be found outside the Prospector Saloon, taking it easy in a chair.

Where is Novac in real life?

The Dinky the T-Rex closely resembles the real world Tex the T-Rex, located at the Shan-Gri-La Prehistoric Park and Museum in Henderson, Nevada. The dinosaur landmark also closely resembles the real world Mr. Rex, one of two large biomorphic buildings designed and constructed by sculptor Claude K.

What town is Goodsprings based on?

Goodsprings is an unincorporated community in Clark County, Nevada, United States….

Goodsprings, Nevada
County Clark
Founded 1900
Named for Joseph Good

How do I stop NCR attacking me?

Solution: Equip the faction armor again and unequip it. If you do not know which faction armor you did this “bug” with, then equip all faction specific armors and unequip them one at a time(khan,legion,ncr, etc) Only one piece of each is needed to turn the setting to 0.

Why did my NCR reputation go to neutral?

Your reputation will probably have reset from neutral to the proper standing. However, once you put on an NCR faction armor/clothing, there is a chance your reputation will reset back to neutral again.

Is the lucky 38 real?

The Lucky 38 is similar in appearance to the real world Stratosphere Las Vegas and former Landmark Hotel and Casino. The Landmark was owned for some time by Howard Hughes who had a history of psychological traits that resemble those of Mr House, and lived in a (different) Las Vegas casino for some time.

What is the lucky 38 based on?

roulette table
David Lieu created the tileset and handled the propping and lighting in House’s penthouse. The name “Lucky 38” is a reference to the 38 numbers on a roulette table. The sign looks like a stylized roulette wheel and betting layout, and the tower top is modeled after a roulette wheel.

Is Goodsprings real?

Goodsprings is an unincorporated community in Clark County, Nevada, United States. The population was 229 at the 2010 census. The town of Goodsprings, Nevada on November 26, 2006.

What is Joe Cobb run Goodsprings run Fallout New Vegas?

— Joe Cobb Run Goodsprings Run is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas . Talk to Joe Cobb. Kill Ringo. Convince Chet to aid the Powder Gangers with a Speech or Barter check.

What is run Goodsprings run?

Run Goodsprings Run is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas . The Powder Gangers are going to make good on their promise to destroy Goodsprings for harboring a caravaneer who escaped their custody.

Can you attack Goodsprings in Ghost Town gunfight?

If you don’t feel like supporting the soft town of Goodsprings in Ghost Town Gunfight, you can convince Joe Cobb to launch an attack against the town itself so that the Powder Gangers can add some new territory to their map. Note that you’ll need to talk to Joe Cobb before you promise to help Ringo.

What happens if you kill Ringo in run Goodsprings run?

For some reason, during the quest Run Goodsprings Run, if the player character kills Ringo and takes his deck of Caravan cards, it may freeze for a couple seconds and make the noise of scrolling down the Pip-Boy menu, then stop and the rest of his things can be taken.