How do I reset my Avaya 9608 phone?


How do I reset my Avaya 9608 phone?

Performing the Factory Reset

  1. Press the Menu button and navigate to the “Administration” menu.
  2. Select and insert the Admin password (default is – 27238)
  3. Scroll down the menu and select Clear.
  4. Press Clear again to confirm the action. The phone settings are cleared and the phone will restart.

How do I forward calls on my Avaya 9608?

Call forwarding

  1. Access Feature Screen.
  2. Scroll and choose Call Forward (Hear dialtone).
  3. Enter destination number to which you wish to forward all calls following appropriate dialing rules.
  4. Listen for confirmation tone.
  5. Observe the Call Forwarding indication at the top of the display.

Can I use Avaya phone at home?

Use Avaya Spaces with the Avaya Collaboration Unit to turn any TV or video display in your home or office into a video room. Easy to set up, easy to use, easy on the budget.

How do I change my Avaya Extension?

Swapping Extension Users

  1. Load the IP Office configuration and select.
  2. Locate the extension with the Base Extension set to 202, ie.
  3. Select that extension and change its Base Extension setting to 203, ie. to now match User B’s extension number.
  4. Locate the other extension with the Base Extension set to 203, ie.

How do I reboot my Avaya phone?

Restarting the phone

  1. Access the administration menu: If shown on the display, press Admin. Otherwise, press More and Admin or press and select Administration. Enter the administration password and press Enter.
  2. Scroll down to and select Restart phone.
  3. Press Restart.

How do I connect my Avaya phone to WIFI?


  1. Change the Network mode from Ethernet to Wi-Fi.
  2. Press Save.
  3. The phone scans for available wireless networks.
  4. Select the required network and click Connect. Press OK.
  5. In the Password field, enter the password for the wireless network and press Wi-Fi.

How do I forward my Avaya phone remotely?

Personal Speed Dial Number (80-99)

  1. Press Feature 00 from the extension to be forwarded.
  2. Press Feature followed by a Personal Speed Dial number 80 – 99.
  3. Enter the phone number calls are to be forwarded to.
  4. Exit Programming by pressing Feature 00.

How do I change the extension name on Avaya phone 9608?

Avaya 9608/9630/9650 IP phone models

  1. Press the button labeled either Home (9608) or Menu (9630/9650).
  2. Select Options & Settings and press OK.
  3. Select Application Settings and press OK.
  4. Select Personalize Labels and press OK.
  5. Select the label you wish to edit by pressing its corresponding button.

What is Avaya extension?

This extension for Avaya Agent for Desktop (AAfD) application. The extension for highlighting phone numbers on web page and initiating a call on Avaya Agent for Desktop (AAfD) after phone number is clicked. The purpose of this extension is to allow a client to make a call using AAfD. 1.0.14. June 18, 2021.

Why does my Avaya phone keep restarting?

Indeed, most likely cause is that something in the network was unplugged or doing its own maintenance restart which meant the phones couldn’t see their call server for a while. If that happens then after about 3 minutes they will start trying to re-registering.

How much does an Avaya IP phone cost?

AVAYA IP Phone 9608G (700505424) 3.1 out of 5 stars9 Avaya 9608 IP Phone (Renewed) $35.64 Avaya 9608G (700510905) 4 Pack Avaya 9611G IP Phone (Model: 700504845) 4.4 out of 5 stars5

Where is the Avaya office in Syracuse NY?

SYRACUSE 1 Dupli Park Drive, 5th Floor Syracuse NY 13204 Tel: 315-671-6200 Fax: 315-671-0080 HOLLAND PATENT 9560 Main Street Holland Patent NY 13354 Tel: 315-624-2000 Fax: 315-624-0288 Avaya IP Office 9608 IP Desk Phone User Manual 1 **MAILBOX INFORMATION** **ACCESS YOUR MAILBOX (LOG IN)**

What is Avaya Bill planner?

Avaya 9608 IP TELEPHONE (product number 700480585) Bill Planner is the easier way to check, compare, and pay your utility bills with Alexa. With intelligent notifications, Alexa helps you keep track by letting you know if you’re about to miss a bill due date.