How do I prequalify for an Apple Card?


How do I prequalify for an Apple Card?

Apply through the Apple Wallet app or online, with no credit score dings until you accept the offer….2. Get preapproved

  1. Open the Apple Wallet app and tap the plus sign icon at the top right of the screen.
  2. Select “Apply for Apple Card” and on the next screen, hit “Continue” at the bottom.

What score do you need to get Apple Card?

What credit score do you need for the Apple Card? According to Apple, customers with a credit score lower than 600 might not be approved for the Apple Card. This means that some applicants with fair or average credit (scores ranging between 580-669) might be accepted for the Apple Card, while others might be declined.

Does applying for an Apple Card affect your credit score?

If you apply for Apple Card and your application is approved, there’s no impact to your credit score until you accept your offer. If you accept your offer, a hard inquiry is made.

Is it hard to get approved for Apple Card?

The application process for Apple Card is incredibly straightforward. Once you’re invited to apply, you can do so directly in the Wallet app on iPhone. Much of your information will be pre-filled based on your Apple ID. Details like your address, phone number, and name are pre-filled based on my Apple ID information.

Is the Apple Card a good choice?

The Apple Card is a good credit card that’s worth it for people with good credit or better who regularly buy Apple products and services, as well as for iPhone, Mac and iWatch users who are comfortable making purchases using Apple Pay. Owning the Apple Credit Card from Goldman Sachs doesn’t have to cost you a thing.

How long does Apple Card review take?

Usually the approval is very quick while you are on the iPhone. But if Goldman Sachs finds they need to verify or check your state ID, then expect about a week or 2.

Why did I get rejected for Apple Card?

Your credit score is too low Apple lists a FICO credit score of less than 660 as an example of a score that may be too low to qualify for the Apple Card. A score higher than 660 is no guarantee of approval, however, and plenty of users with scores in the 700s have reported being denied.

Can I get Apple Card with 620 credit score?

The Apple Card’s credit score requirement is 700+. This means that you need at least good to get this card. While it’s possible to be approved with a lower score due to a high income or other positive factors, it’s best to not take the risk.

Is Apple Card bad?

What is the highest limit on Apple Card?

Cardholders have reported credit limits as low as $50 and as high as $15,000. An Apple Card may be shared using Apple Card Family. It requires each person to be over 13 years old to share the card.

Is Apple Card a good choice?

Does Apple Card work in India?

You can request a titanium Apple Card and use it to pay anywhere in the world that Mastercard is accepted.

Can we get Apple Card in India?

Unfortunately, the Apple credit card is available in the United States of America and does not seem to be entering the Indian market soon. More so, even Apple Pay has not been facilitated in India even though it has been 5 years since its introduction.

Can I apply for a second Apple Card?

Apple Card Family lets you co-own your Apple Card account with one member of your Family Sharing group. You can share your credit line with a co-owner and build credit together as equals. You can even invite another Apple Card owner to combine credit limits with you and form one co-owned account.

Can I get Apple Card in India?