How do I pause a Groupon deal?


How do I pause a Groupon deal?

Login your Merchant Center and navigate to your Campaigns page. Click the pencil icon next to the campaign you want to pause and click on “Pause Campaign”/”Unpause Campaign”.

What happens if I don’t use my Groupon in time?

If you have an expired Groupon, you can often still use it with the merchant for the amount you paid for the deal. The expiration date found on your Groupon refers to the date that the value listed on the deal page—also known as the promotional value—is no longer valid.

Does Groupon take a cut?

Groupon takes 50% of the sales revenue as its service fee. The deal will generate $1,500 in revenue from 30 new customers, and of that amount $750 goes to the salon and $750 goes to Groupon. Once a deal is advertised, consumers who purchased the Groupon receive it regardless of how many were purchased.

Can you get money back if Groupon expires?

You can get a refund to your original form of payment up until 3 days after purchase. Unredeemed Local Groupon that are not Final Sale will be eligible to Trade In for another Groupon deal through your voucher’s expiration date.

Does Groupon refund after expiration?

The amount the consumer paid for the Groupon Voucher does not expire until the voucher is used or is refunded. Therefore, Groupon’s policies suggest that you have always been able to redeem an expired Groupon Voucher with the merchant for the value you paid for the voucher.

What happens if Groupon voucher expired?

You have 24 hours to use them to purchase a new voucher or vouchers. If you don’t make any purchases with your Groupon Bucks within 24 hours, you forfeit your Bucks and Groupon restores the face value of your expired voucher. Remember, that face value won’t expire under ordinary circumstances.

What happens if I cancel a Groupon?

What happens if a Groupon goes out of business?

“Unredeemed Local Groupons that are not Final Sale will be eligible for a refund to Groupon Bucks or self-service Trade In through your voucher’s expiration date.” So, the Groupon Bucks are allowed.

Can I get a refund for expired Groupons?

When all else fails, go to Groupon. Groupon states in their terms of service that they’ll honor any expired coupon that a merchant refuses to take. At the very least, you’ll get a refund.

Is Groupon a good deal?

Groupon savings promise: 31%; Actual savings: 49% (including extras) Bottom line on Groupon Getaway US hotel deals. Somewhat to our surprise, the Groupon Getaway deals turned out to be consistently good and by far the best price available anywhere for what they offer.

Should I buy Groupon?

Whether you dine out regularly or occasionally, you can keep costs down with coupons. Check your mail for offers from local restaurants, said Perez. Or, visit Valpak for local coupons and daily deal sites, such as Groupon, for restaurant discounts. You can also find coupons for chain restaurants on sites such as Coupon Sherpa.

Can Groupon get Lucky with a buyout?

Groupon shares have been hit in 2018, but it seems that this online coupon company may have found a way to get something back. Groupon may be looking for a buyout.

How to buy a Groupon Now! deal?

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