How do I manually refresh Firefox?


How do I manually refresh Firefox?

  1. Click the menu button. , click Help and select Troubleshooting InformationMore Troubleshooting Information.
  2. Click Refresh Firefox… then Refresh Firefox in the confirmation window that opens. Firefox will close to refresh itself.
  3. When finished, a window will list your imported information. Click the Finish button.

How do you refresh a page in Firefox?

Just hold down the Control Key and press the F5 key (or click the refresh button).

How do I stop Firefox from refreshing?

Disable Auto-Refresh in Firefox Just type about:config into the Firefox address bar, “Accept the risks” involved in making changes to Firefox, then near the top of the list, you should see the preference called accessibility. blockautorefresh .

How do I enable JRE in Firefox?


  1. Open the Firefox browser or restart it, if it is already running.
  2. From the Firefox menu, select Tools then click the Add-ons option.
  3. In the Add-ons Manager window, select Plugins.
  4. Click Java (TM) Platform plugin (Windows) or Java Applet Plug-in (Mac OS X) to select it.

How can I refresh a page?

Force-refresh your web page.

  1. Windows — Press Ctrl + F5 . If that doesn’t work, hold down Ctrl and click the “Refresh” icon.
  2. Mac — Press ⌘ Command + ⇧ Shift + R . In Safari, you can also hold ⇧ Shift and click the “Refresh” icon.

How do I restart Firefox browser?

First, open Mozilla Firefox. In the address bar, type about:profiles and hit Enter (or Return on Mac). On the “About Profiles” page that opens, locate the box labeled “Restart” in the upper-right corner. To restart the browser while keeping all your open tabs, click “Restart Normally.”

Is there an auto refresh Firefox?

You can enable the auto-refresh from Firefox Advanced Options by clicking the orange Firefox button on the top left corner of the browser and then clicking “Options.” From the list of options, select “Advanced.” Under the “General” tab, in the “Accessibility” section, you will be able to remove the check mark next to ” …

How do I refresh the page?

Why does my browser keep refreshing?

Why Chrome Auto-Reload? By default, Chrome is programmed to automatically erase the data of any open, loaded tabs in case the browser is using a lot of memory. This is an automated process, which is initiated to conserve system resources and reduce the pressure off your browser.

Where is the Firefox CSS file?

css file does not exist by default, so once you have a tweak or two you want to try out, you first have to create the file in the appropriate location inside your Firefox profile folder. Update: Since Firefox 69, you must go into about:config and set “toolkit.

Where is the Java Plugin for Firefox?

Firefox 11 and Java Plugin

  • Open Firefox.
  • Click the orange Firefox menu button in the upper left-hand corner of the browser window.
  • Click on Add-ons.
  • Click on Plugins.
  • Locate the Java (TM) Platform SE 6 U23 6.0. 230.5 plugin in the list and click the Enable button.
  • Restart Firefox.