How do I get rid of Australian Bush Rats?


How do I get rid of Australian Bush Rats?

Here are six ways to rid your garden of pesky rats for good.

  1. Peppermint oil. Rats hate the smell of peppermint oil, so it’s an effective way to drive them away.
  2. Catnip.
  3. Remove food and water sources.
  4. Keep your garden clean.
  5. Soil netting.
  6. Sealing gaps.

What is the difference between a rat and a bush rat?

The best way to tell the difference between a native bush rat and an introduced black rat is to have a look at the tail and the body length. Native bush rats have a tail shorter than their body length and round ears. Introduced rats have a tail longer than their body length with little hair on their tails.

Are Australian Bush Rats protected?

Australia’s native rodents are protected, and it’s our responsibility to ensure they flourish. We recommend you use live catch traps in this situation.

Do Bush Rats dig holes?

The species constructs a shallow burrow that leads down into a nest chamber lined with grass and other vegetation.

What does Bush Rat look like?

Measuring about 16cm in length, Bush Rats have soft grey-brown fur and pink-grey feet. Their tails are brown to black, almost free of hair, the same length or slightly shorter than their bodies. Unlike Black Rats, the Bush Rat has more of a rounded head and a blunt shaped nose, with chisel-shaped front teeth.

Do Bush Rats carry diseases?

Typically the Bush Rat will forage on fruits, insects, seeds, arthropods, fungi and fibrous plant material. Fortunately the Bush Rat is not a serial pest to agricultural, households and businesses. The Bush Rats carry an airborne disease called Leptospirosis which is a potentially fatal disease.

Do Bush Rats carry disease?

Are Bush Rats territorial?

Australia’s Bush Rats are territorial. As they gain strength in numbers they are able to keep out competitors and reclaim their land from seemingly stronger species such as black rats.

What can I put down a rat hole?

Block the Holes With Mesh or Chicken Wire Try to avoid using caulk or plastic or paper to block rat holes; the rats will easily chew through these types of barriers. You can use wire mesh or even chicken wire to block the holes and this will prevent the rats from re-entering the hole.

Does a Bush Rat have a long tail?

A native rat, the Bush Rat is grey-brown in colour with rounded ears and a relatively short tail.

Is the Bush Rat a pest?

Can I put a dead rat in the bin?

Preventing rat infestations Please note our pest control officers don’t remove dead rats from properties. They can be disposed of by double-bagging (carrier or bin bags) and putting in your household rubbish bin. It is advisable to wear gloves and/or use a spade to lift a dead rat into the bag.

How long do Australian Bush Rats live?

around 18 months
Bush rat’s life cycle The bush rat has a considerably short life, which is around 18 months.

Are Bush Rats endangered?

Least Concern (Population stable)Bush rat / Conservation status

Are Bush Rats solitary?

Bush Rats are rarely seen due to dense habitat in which they live, and their shy and solitary nature. They are nocturnal and shelter during the day in short burrows or grass-lined nests under logs or rocks.