How do I get my DD 2648?


How do I get my DD 2648?

Printing Your Completed eForm (DD2648) for Out-processing Your eForm will be available to print after your Commander/First Sergeant has signed. Log onto the MilConnect website ( and sign in on the top right using your DS LOGON or CAC.

How long is DoD tap good for?

The TAP process, once known as Transition GPS (Goals, Plans, Success), is broken down into five parts over a minimum 12-month timeline, although those getting ready to retire can start as far as 24 months out.

What is a DD 2586?

The VMET (Verification of Military Experience and Training), DD Form 2586, provides an overview of your military experience and training. You can use this document in conjunction with your DD Form 214, evaluation records, training certificates, awards, transcripts, and other documentation to: Create a Resume.

How long is Army Capstone?

between 3-12 months
The purpose is to evaluate service member’s preparedness to successfully transition from military to civilian life. Capstones must be completed between 3-12 months from date of separation or retirement.

Is tap mandatory?

The mandatory components of TAP are applicable for all service members who have at least 180 continuous days or more on active duty; this includes National Guard and Reserve. TAP begins no later than 365 days prior to transition for those who are separating or retiring.

What does 3 taps mean in military?

The tradition of playing taps at military funerals is said to have begun during the Civil War, when the opposing front lines were near enough to each other that the firing of three volleys at a burial, still an American military tradition today, may have caused the enemy to think an attack was underway.

How do I get my DD 2586?

Click on “Correspondence/Documentation”, and then click on “DoD Transition Assistance Program”. Click on the “VMET” tab. Select the VMET Document (DD-2586) or Cover Letter and click “Submit”. You should download your VMET at least 120 days before you separate.