How do I find the menu path in SAP?


How do I find the menu path in SAP?

If you know tcode of a particular transaction then you can get the menu path of it through SAP. Go to your SPRO menu or sap each access menu to enter “search_sap_menu” in the command filed and press enter. In the search text entry field enter your tcode and press enter. It will show you the menu path available in SAP.

How to find SPRO path of a Tcode?

How Find Path In SPRO With Tracking Code Transaction

  1. Run OMET transaction code.
  2. from menu: select “table view” – print :
  3. we can See view “V_T160D” and remember that.
  4. Now go to the SM30 transaction code , put View and select customizing :
  5. you can reach to path in customizing.

What is a menu path?

A menu path is a way of indicating the exact location of an item in the menu system. (This item can be either an item on a menu, or the menu itself.) Menu paths look like directory paths, except periods are used to separate the components instead of slashes.

Where is SAP configuration path?

How to Find IMG or SPRO Configuration path from SAP Table?

  1. Here is the Check Table T024E.
  2. Now go to SM30->Enter V_T024E. Generally the View to maintain a Config table is V_TableName.
  3. Now select the button below.
  4. Wala here is the Configuration Path.
  5. Conclusion.

What is SPRO SAP SD?

SPRO is abbreviation for SAP Project Reference Object. After executing SPRO transaction code, you will see IMG (Implementation Management Guide) menu which you will find customization settings for all modules.

What is configuration guide in SAP?

1.1 About this Document This document describes how to configure the substance management functionality of the SAP Product and REACH Compliance solution based on SAP NetWeaver. It also includes the functionalities of Endpoint Management and Portfolio Reporting.

What is SPRO and IMG in SAP?

What is SAP configuration IMG?

The Im plementation G uide (IMG) is the tool which adjusts the SAP System to the requirements of a company. You use the implementation guide to structure and organize the implementation of the SAP System in your company.

What is configuration Guide?

Description. The Application Configuration Guide is any document or collection of documents used to configure the application. These documents may be part of a user guide, secure configuration guide, or any guidance that satisfies the requirements provided herein.

How do I access SPRO in SAP?

How to Find the Maintenence View/Tcode from SPRO?

  1. Now select. SAP Reference IMG.
  2. Now select Create Purchase Group and goto EDIT–>Display IMG Activity.
  3. If you go to the Maint Object and below you can find the View.
  4. Now go to SM30-> V_024.
  5. Here is the screen to Maintain Purchasing Group.
  6. Conclusion.

What is the difference between SAP Easy Access menu and IMG menu?

IMG meant for background configuration and Easy access is a frontend where you assign the configured one to the indiividuals.

What is SAP reference IMG?

The SAP Reference IMG contains the full functionality of all possible Customizing settings across all countries and application components. It is structured hierarchically according to the application component hierarchy. All Customizing activities are assigned to one or more components.

How do you write a configuration guide?

Configuration Guides: How To Document Parameters

  1. Parameter Name. Specify the name of the parameter with consideration to case sensitive naming conventions.
  2. Location. Specify where in the configuration file that parameter is located.
  3. Purpose.
  4. Prerequisites.
  5. Options.
  6. Impact.
  7. Related documentation.
  8. Mandatory.

Where can I find FBL3N in SAP?

STEP 1:Go to the navigation path as shown below or execute the transaction FBL3N from the SAP Easy Access menu screen. STEP 2:Enter the data as shown below on the selection screen and click the execute button or press the F8 key to execute the report. STEP 3: The output of the report is displayed as shown below.