How do I find my troop trees in Mount and Blade Warband?


How do I find my troop trees in Mount and Blade Warband?

In the upgrade funnction of the unit rightclick the upgrade buttons. It will show the troop tree. You can also access the Encyclopedia by rigtclicking any item. Selecting any unit will show the troop tree along with a unit.

What are the best units in Mount and Blade Warband?

The ultimate army is Swadian knights and Vaegir marksmen in the field, Vaegir guards and Rhodock crossbowmen in most siege defense, and Nord huscalrs and Vaegir marksmen in most assaults. There are sieges where crossbowmen work better in assault or defense.

Who are the best archers in Mount and Blade Warband?

The Vaegirs field some of the best archers in the game, while having lackluster infantry. Their focus on two handed weaponry makes them highly susceptible to arrows but they handle themselves decently in melee with their added poking range. The cavalry is lighter and faster, but weaker than Swadian cavalry.

Who has the best infantry in Bannerlord?

Throughout the changes, the Imperial Legionary has remained one of the most versatile infantry units in the game. These heavily-armored Tier 5 troops of the Empire boast some of the best armor-to-weight ratio stats of any other heavy unit in the game.

How do I upgrade to Swadian Knight?

Ransom Value Along with Vaegir Knights, Nord Huscarls, and Slaver Chiefs, Swadian Knights require 120 denars to be upgraded from their lower tiers.

Are Aserai archers good?

Best Archers In terms of the main faction troop tree for ranged troops, the Aserai Master Archer and Imperial Palatine Guard have the highest damage output, at 160 with the bow. They are also fairly proficient with one-handed weapons when they need to battle in close combat, with 130 in this stat.

What is Swadia based on?

The Swadian nation is smack in the middle of Calradia, and so is at war on some front or the other. The Swadians are based on the historical English or Franco-Germanic Empires of the early Middle-Ages, and are led by King Harlaus.

Are AseraI archers good?

Who has the best archers Bannerlord?

The best archer unit in Bannerlord is hands down the Battanian Fian Champion. The special unit for the Battanian faction, the Fian Champion outranges almost every single unit in the game and is insanely accurate.

What weapons do Swadian Knights use?

The following is the default set for this troop as seen within the game code and may not reflect the specific stats you will see during actual gameplay. For more information, see Troop stats….Proficiencies.

Weapon Type Points
Two Handed Weapons 130
Polearms 130
Archery 75
Crossbows 75

How do I get Battanian FIAN champion?

The Battanian Fian Champion is a Tier 6 ranged special unit for Battania. These special units can be recruited from Battanian villages in the same way that regular Battanian troops can, but you may need to inspect numerous villages before you come across one due to their rarity. They have a basic wage of 17 denars.

Who are Rhodoks based off?

The Rhodoks are based on the historical Italian city-states or general Mediterranean peoples, focused on durable and versatile footmen well-suited for forest combat. They are led by King Graveth. cavalry units.

What is Vaegir based on?

Vaegirs are the second oldest faction after Swadia. This faction has been in the game since version 0.202. Though the titles of their lords are slavic, some of their clothing and equipment takes influence from the Caucasian and some West Turkic peoples.

What is the best infantry Bannerlord?

M&B II Bannerlord: Best Infantry Troops These include the Aserai Veteran Infantry, Sturgian Heavy Spearman, Sturgian Heavy Axeman, Imperial Legionary, Vlandian Sergeant, Khuzait Darkhan, and Battanian Oathsworn.

Are Swadian sergeants good?

Swadian Sergeants are much better in close combat than Rhodok Sergeants, but are weaker in defense due to their smaller shields. They are also much better than Vaegir Guards, and generally have higher-tier armor which allows them to last in a melee for longer. Swadian keeps are staffed by Swadian Sergeants.