How do I find my BMT pictures?


How do I find my BMT pictures?

To see if your BMT flight photo is listed on the site, check it out at For more information or to submit your flight photo, call 210-671-2248 or 210-671-2232, or email [email protected].

Is Williams Air Force Base still open?

The 4,043-acre Williams Air Force Base site located in Mesa, Arizona was commissioned as a flight training school in 1941 and operated until it closed in 1993.

When did Williams Air Force Base close?

September 30, 1993
The 4,043-acre (16.36 km2) Williams Air Force Base officially closed on September 30, 1993.

When was Williams Air Force Base built?

Williams Air Force Base

Williams Air Force Base Williams Army Airfield
Built 1941
Built by Del E. Webb Construction Company
In use 1941–1993
Garrison information

Where was Air Force basic training in 1950?

In all, some 65,000 Air Force recruits were tested, counseled, outfitted and given some initial training at Lackland between Christmas Day 1950 and 25 January 1951.

How long was basic training in 1950?

eight weeks
There was an orderly room across the “company street” and a supply room nearby. The training day was 5 a.m. to 10 p.m., and could be longer if one got “kitchen police” or furnace detail. Since the training was arduous, most of us were sleep-deprived for the entire eight weeks.

What did John Williams do in the Air Force?

In 1951 he was drafted into the U.S. Air Force, and during his service he arranged band music and began conducting. After leaving the air force in 1954, Williams briefly studied piano at the Juilliard School of Music and worked as a jazz pianist in New York City, both in clubs and for recordings.

How long was Air Force basic training in 1955?

Basic Military Training began a major innovation in 1955. Two-phase training for male non-prior service Airmen was implemented starting 3 October. This program, which expedited the transfer of Airmen to technical schools, consisted of one six-week and one five-week phase.

How long was basic training in 1953?

How long was Air Force basic training in 1954?

11 weeks
Even after its length was reduced to 11 weeks on 1 February 1954, the BMT Curriculum was still able to offer this time consuming activites that resembled those in the Army Basic Combat training.