How do I enable remote content?


How do I enable remote content?

Display remote content by default Check the Allow remote content in messages checkbox to have all remote content loaded by default. You can exclude specific sites from the rule. Click the Exceptions… button, type the website or email address and click Block or Allow.

How do I fix Thunderbird problems?

  1. Update Thunderbird. Run Thunderbird.
  2. Run Thunderbird from Safe Mode. Open the Settings app.
  3. Disable Thunderbird add-ons. Press and hold Shift on your keyboard and run Thunderbird.
  4. Reinstall Thunderbird.
  5. Make sure that your email account is properly configured.
  6. Rebuild Global Database.
  7. Check your antivirus.

Why is my Thunderbird email not receiving emails?

Thunderbird might stop sending or receiving messages for several reasons. It could be an issue with the server settings, your antivirus program, or your internet service provider.

Why does Mozilla Thunderbird keep asking for password?

Recently some users have reported that Thunderbird keeps asking for a password while trying to access their email accounts. However, the matter itself is not with the Thunderbird client but occurs due to an issue with the email service provider or bad Thunderbird configuration.

Why do my emails say unable to load remote content privately?

If Mail displays a message that it’s unable to load remote content privately, you can tap Load Content to display the content. Mail Privacy Protection in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 hides your IP address, so email senders can’t determine your location or link it to your other online activity.

How do I add remote content to my email?

To always load remote images from a particular sender or domain, click the arrow to the right of “Load Images”, then select either the email address or domain. To disable this feature and to load remote images for all mail messages: Open Preferences (on the Mac) or Tools | Options (on Windows) Click on Privacy.

Is Mozilla Thunderbird no longer supported?

Thunderbird is an independent, community driven project. (Mozilla Corporation, the makers of Firefox, and Mozilla Messaging no longer develop Thunderbird. But Mozilla still supports Thunderbird by hosting many of the Thunderbird resources.)

How do I get Thunderbird to remember Passwords?

Chosen solution. a new window opens showing profile folder name. Restart Thunderbird. At the prompt to enter password, enter password and select the “Use Password Manager to remember the password” checkbox and click on OK.

How do I turn off email privacy protection?

You can disable Protect Mail Activity at any time in iOS and iPadOS by going to Settings > Mail > Privacy Protection, then tapping to turn off Protect Mail Activity. On Mac, go to Mail > Preferences > Privacy, then deselect Protect Mail Activity.

Why does my email say unable to load remote content privately?

What does remote content loaded through your VPN mean?

You can tap Load Content to bypass the warning, and allow Mail to receive the remote content without using Mail Privacy Protection. If your device is using a VPN for this content, the content will be loaded through the VPN rather than through Mail Privacy Protection.

Why does Mozilla no longer fund Thunderbird?

On July 6, 2012, Mozilla announced the company was dropping the priority of Thunderbird development because the continuous effort to extend Thunderbird’s feature set was mostly fruitless.

How do I enable SMTP Authentication in Thunderbird?

Here are the steps to configure Thunderbird to use SMTP Authentication.

  1. From the top menu, click on “Tools,” select “Account Settings,” which will bring up the “Account Settings” dialog box.
  2. Select “Outgoing Server (SMTP)”
  3. Click “Advanced,” which will bring up the “Advanced Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings” dialog box.