How do I download Oracle 10g?


How do I download Oracle 10g?

Go to: and select the item Oracle Database 10g Express Edition for Microsoft Windows. Then check the radio button for the item Accept License Agreement to accept the OTN License Agreement.

What is the latest version of Oracle Database client?

Oracle Database 19c
Oracle Database 19c is the latest Long Term Release with the widest window of support duration. For details about database releases and their support timeframes, refer to Oracle Support Document 742060.1 (Release Schedule of Current Database Releases) on My Oracle Support.

How do I install Oracle Instant client?

Go to the Oracle Database Instant Client website. In the Get Oracle Instant Client section, select Downloads. On the Oracle Instant Client Downloads page, select Instant Client for Microsoft Windows (x64). Choose Instant Client Package – Basic for your version of Oracle Database.

How do I install Oracle drivers on Windows 10?

How can I install an Oracle ODBC driver in Windows 10?

  1. Download and extract the Oracle packages. First, open the Oracle Instant Client page in your browser.
  2. Add an Oracle Client directory environment variable.
  3. Install your ODBC Oracle client package.
  4. Set up the DSN for Oracle driver.
  5. Install missing Visual C++ libraries.

What is Oracle client installation?

To install Oracle Database Client perform the following steps:

  1. Log on as a member of the Administrators group to the computer to install Oracle components.
  2. Insert the Oracle Database Client installation media and navigate to the client directory.
  3. Double-click setup.exe to start Oracle Universal Installer.

How do I find my Oracle client?

To determine which Oracle client version you have installed on your pc, run sql * plus to connect to the DW. The folder names may vary somewhat based on your Oracle setup but should be similar. To run sql * plus choose start > programs > Oracle > Oracle – OUDWclient > Application Development > sqlplus .

How do I find my Oracle client software version?

How do I download and install Oracle client?

How to install Oracle 10g?

Installing Oracle Database 10 g on Windows. To install the Oracle software, you must use the Oracle Universal installer. 1. For this installation you need either the DVDs or a downloaded version of the DVDs. In this tutorial, you install from the downloaded version. From the directory where the DVD files were unzipped, double-click setup.exe. 2.

How to run Oracle client 10g from non administrator account?

Through lucky circumstances I got a the following workaround: Go to control panel and open administrative tools and then open local security policy and then select Local Policies and then User Rights Assignments and select Create Global Objects and add your user group to this policy. By default Administrators and service accounts have this access.

How do I install Oracle client?

Visit the IUware Online web page at:

  • Under “Software”,choose Database .
  • Select Oracle9i Client Software and Documentation from the list of choices.
  • Click Download.
  • After the download is complete,start the installation wizard by double-clicking the setup.exe file that was saved to your computer.
  • How to install Oracle Developer Suite 10g on Windows?

    How to Install Oracle Developer Suite 10G. The installation is wizard-driven where Oracle Universal Installer presents screens with default options. Just select and click Next to install. Pre-requisite. Basic software installation knowledge on Microsoft Windows Operating System. Software/Hardware. Microsoft Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7