How do I contact the Secretary of State in California?


How do I contact the Secretary of State in California?

Phone Number

  1. Main Number: (877) 322-5227.
  2. TTY/TDD: (916) 651-1304.

What does California secretary of state do?

The Secretary of State’s responsibilities include: Serving as the state’s Chief Elections Officer. Implementing electronic filing and Internet disclosure of campaign and lobbyist financial information. Maintaining business filings.

Who is the current secretary of state California?

California Secretary of State, Shirley N. Weber, Ph. D.

How often do you file a Statement of information in California?

every two years
A Statement of Information must be filed either every year for California stock, cooperative, credit union, and all qualified out-of-state corporations or every two years (only in odd years or only in even years based on year of initial registration) for California nonprofit corporations and all California and …

What does SOS suspended mean in California?

Secretary of State suspended The SOS will suspend/forfeit your business for not filing the required Statement of Information. You can be suspended/forfeited by SOS and FTB at the same time. If the SOS suspends/forfeits your business, they may impose a $250 penalty that we collect.

What does it mean SOS suspended?

A “SOS/FTB Suspended” designation essentially means that the business entity has been suspended by the California Secretary of State.

What happens if you don’t file statement of Information?

Penalties for Late Filings File the California Statement of Information on time or face a late penalty of $250 (Profit entities) or $50 for Non-Profit Corporations. Also, the Secretary of State may suspend or forfeit the legal entity’s registration preventing all legal business.

How much does it cost to file statement of Information?

a $20
You must submit the Statement of Information whether or not your company has conducted any business. There is a $20 filing fee and a $5 disclosure fee. You may file online.

What services are provided by the Department of State?

The State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs assists American citizens traveling or living abroad and issues visas to foreign nationals who wish to visit or reside in the United States. This bureau issues Travel Warnings, Consular Information Sheets, and other publications related to travel.

How do I fix SOS suspension?

Reviving an Entity Through the Secretary of State Entities labeled as “SOS Suspended” are suspended by the California Secretary of State for failing to file a Statement of Information. These entities can be revived by paying a penalty, which is typically $250, and filing the missing Statement(s) of Information.

How do I remove a SOS suspension?