How do I contact Senator Cory Booker?


How do I contact Senator Cory Booker?

Office Locations

  1. Newark. One Gateway Center. 23rd Floor. Newark, NJ 07102. Phone: (973) 639-8700. Fax: (202) 224-5702.
  2. Camden. One Port Center. 2 Riverside Dr., Suite 505. Camden, NJ 08103. Phone: (856) 338-8922. Fax: (202) 224-5701.
  3. Washington, D.C. 717 Hart Senate. Office Building. Washington, DC 20510. Phone: (202) 224-3224.

What committees is Booker on?

Committee Assignments

  • U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.
  • U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary.
  • U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship.
  • Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry.

How old is Senator Cory Booker?

53 years (April 27, 1969)Cory Booker / Age

Does Cory Booker have a twin brother?

Cary Booker IICory Booker / Brother

Who is my US Senator NJ?

Cory BookerSince 2013Bob MenendezSince 2006
New Jersey/Senators

Who ran for Senate in NJ?

2020 United States Senate election in New Jersey

Nominee Cory Booker Rik Mehta
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 2,541,178 1,817,052
Percentage 57.2% 40.9%

Where did Cory Booker go to college?

Yale Law School1997Stanford University1992Stanford University1991University of OxfordYale University
Cory Booker/College

How many siblings does Cory Booker have?

Cary Booker IICory Booker / Siblings

How do I contact Cory Booker by email?

Email Cory Booker at [email protected] (Campaign); [email protected] (Media); or [email protected] (Personal). How do I call Cory Booker? Call Cory Booker at his office’s telephone numbers: 973-639-8700 (Newark, NJ Office); 856-338-8922 (Camden, NJ Office). or 202-224-3224 (Washington, DC Office).

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