How do I change the vim color scheme in Ubuntu?


How do I change the vim color scheme in Ubuntu?


  1. You can change color schemes at anytime in vi by typing colorscheme followed by a space and the name of the color scheme.
  2. For more color schemes, you can browse this library on the vim website.
  3. You can enable or disable colors by simply typing “syntax on” or “syntax off” in vi.

How do I get vim themes?

How to install a Vim color scheme

  1. Default Color Scheme. Default syntax highlight in the “homebrew” profile terminal.
  2. Install a new Vim Color Scheme. 2.1 Download a new Vim color scheme – “distinguished“.
  3. Test. 3.1 Open a file with Vim editor, the new “distinguished” schema will be applied.

What color schemes come with vim?

The default Vim color scheme in a light terminal is peachpuff . If you use a dark terminal, the initial color scheme is ron .

Where are vim themes stored?

Vim color schemes are stored in vim directory named /usr/share/vim/vim80/colors/ but vim80 can be different according to vim version.

How do I download vim color scheme?

To install a new color scheme for Vim, you will need to download it from the git hub repository. Here I am going to download a vim theme “Monokai” from the Git repository. For Monokai color scheme, open the following link, then right-click and save it as . vim in your Downloads directory.

How can I make Vim look nicer?

To get you started, here are some useful configurations that you can add to your dotfile.

  1. Automatically Handle Indentation.
  2. Turn Vim Into a Distraction-Free Word Processor.
  3. Install the Vundle Package Manager.
  4. Change the Appearance of Vim.
  5. Slap on Some SPF13.

Can you customize Vim?

vimrc file lets you use the full power of Vim. With a customized . vimrc file you can increase your Vim powers tenfold.

Is Vim good for competitive programming?

Many people ask for the best text editor for the programming contest. So, according to me vim is a great tool for competitive programming. It is not very comfortable to use it at first but after some time you will feel it is the best text editor ever made.

How do I install Gruvbox?


  1. Open Command Palette using menu item Tools -> Command Palette… ( ⇧ ⌘ P on Mac) ( ctrl shift P on Windows)
  2. Choose Package Control: Install Package.
  3. Find gruvbox and hit Enter.
  4. Activate the theme by adding the code below to Preferences > Setting – User:
  5. Restart Sublime Text.

How do I make Vim look nice?