How did the Congdon family make their money?


How did the Congdon family make their money?

Congdon became a wealthy man through his relationship with Oliver. After Oliver was forced to sell most of his company shares to Carnegie’s newly formed U.S. Steel Corporation, Congdon purchased cheap mining land on the western Mesabi Range.

Is Marjorie Congdon alive?

June 27, 1977Elisabeth Congdon / Date of death

What did Chester Congdon do?

Chester Adgate Congdon accrued a fortune working as a lawyer for the Oliver Mining Company and through investments in the Mesabi Iron Range. He also served as a Minnesota State Representative from 1909 to 1913. Congdon was born on June 12, 1853, in Rochester, New York.

How did Glensheen make his money?

Glensheen was built between 1905 and 1908 by Chester and Clara Congdon after making their fortune through iron mining on the Iron Range of northeastern Minnesota. Later the family donated the property to the University of Minnesota and it was opened as a historic house museum by the college in 1979.

Is Marjorie Congdon still in jail?

Marjorie was released from prison on January 5, 2004, to much trepidation. She was arrested in Tucson, Arizona, at her residence at an assisted living facility on March 23, 2007, on charges of computer fraud and several other counts.

Who was murdered in the Congdon mansion?

nurse Velma Pietila
The 39-room mansion and estate on the shore of Lake Superior in Duluth will be forever associated with the shocking events of June 27, 1977, when mining heiress Elizabeth Congdon was smothered in her bed and her night nurse Velma Pietila was murdered with a candlestick.

Where is Marjorie Congdon Caldwell now?

On March 4, 2009, she was sentenced to three years probation. In November 2010 a judge in southern Arizona refused her request for a reduction in the terms of her probation so that she could move to a nursing home. Marjorie is now 84 years old – and she’s still out there. See also Wikipedia.

How many kids did the Congdon family have?

Chester and Clara Congdon built Glensheen between 1905 and 1908 as their family home. They raised seven children at Glensheen, and were influential in opening up iron mining in the region and designating land for public use in Duluth and along the North Shore.

What does Congdon mean?

Congdon Surname Definition: (English) One who came from Congdon (king’s hill) in Cornwall.

What is Glensheen named after?

The construction of the great Glensheen Mansion began in 1905 and was completed in 1908. He chose the name Glensheen, meaning “shining glen”, and was named for Chester’s ancestral home in Surrey, England. The 39 room Jacobean mansion was the most affluent home in Duluth at the time, and is considered so today.

What happened to the Congdon fortune?

Police believed they killed the heiress in order to inherit the $8.2 million Congdon fortune. Roger Caldwell was found guilty, but his conviction was later thrown out. He agreed to a plea deal instead of being retried, and was released from prison after five years served.

What is the Glensheen Mansion worth today?

Construction began in 1905 and completed in 1908. The home cost a total of $854,000, equivalent to more than $22 million in 2017. The home is a crowning example of design and craftmanship of the Midwestern United States in the early 20th century.

What happened to Marjorie Caldwell?

Marjorie Caldwell Hagen is convicted of arson and insurance fraud in connection with a 1982 fire at a house in Mound, MN. She is sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. Her appeal is turned down, so Marjorie begins serving her time for the arson and fraud conviction. She is released 21 months later.

Is Roger Caldwell still alive?

Roger S. Caldwell, 54, left three handwritten suicide notes in his apartment before he slit his wrists with a four-inch steak knife and bled to death on his living room floor, Westmoreland County Deputy Coroner Joseph Musgrove said Thursday.

Did Marjorie Caldwell inherit money?

While Marjorie stood to inherit millions after her mother’s death, she actually got a pittance in comparison. A civil suit filed by five of her seven children in 1979 to disinherit their mother from her inheritance on the grounds she was involved in the murders was settled out of court in 1983.

Where does the last name Congdon originate from?

Variant of Irish Condon. English: apparently a habitational name from a lost or unidentified place, probably in Devon or Cornwall, where the modern surname is most frequent.

Where does the surname Congdon come from?

The surname Congdon was first found in County Cork (Irish: Corcaigh) the ancient Kingdom of Deis Muin (Desmond), located on the southwest coast of Ireland in the province of Munster, where this ancient Norman family were granted lands by Strongbow for their assistance in the invasion of Ireland in 1172.

Who got murdered in the Glensheen Mansion?

Elisabeth Congdon
(FOX 9) – Monday marks 45 years since the shocking murder of a wealthy heiress and her nurse at a historic Duluth mansion. On June 27, 1977, Elisabeth Congdon and her nurse Velma Pietila murdered inside the Glensheen Mansion.

Is Congdon an Irish name?

Is the last name Condon Irish?

Condon (Irish Condún) is a surname that originated in Ireland, and now most common in counties Cork, Limerick and Tipperary. The name is derived from the Anglo-Norman name de Caunteton, which came to Ireland in the 12th Century with the invader Nicholas de Caunteton.