How can I reduce swelling in my hands from rheumatoid arthritis?


How can I reduce swelling in my hands from rheumatoid arthritis?

Use a warm, moist compress (or towel or heating pad) on your fingers and hands for 15 minutes before you exercise. To reduce swelling, use ice packs. Put an ice pack on the painful joint for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. You may want to switch between moist heat and ice packs.

How do I get rid of arthritis swelling in my hands?

A complete treatment plan for arthritis of the hand includes these additional approaches:

  1. Exercises — strengthening and stretching — to reduce symptoms and improve function.
  2. Hot and cold packs.
  3. Rest.
  4. Healthy eating and managing diabetes and cholesterol.
  5. Weight loss if you’re overweight.
  6. Smoking cessation.

How long does swelling last with rheumatoid arthritis?

The length of time an RA flare lasts can vary widely, from a few hours to several days or weeks. If a flare does not improve after 7 days, it may be a good idea to contact a physician.

How do you treat rheumatoid arthritis in the hands?

Home Care Strategies for RA in the Hands

  1. Rest the hands periodically. It helps to give the joints, tendons, and ligaments in the hand periodic breaks.
  2. Apply a cold or warm compress.
  3. Adapt when possible.
  4. Occupational therapy.
  5. Splinting.
  6. Compression gloves.
  7. Topical medications.
  8. Finger and wrist joint replacement surgery.

Why does RA make you so tired?

Why Does RA Cause Fatigue? Antibodies that cause the inflammation of RA affect your central nervous system, not just your joints. High inflammation levels can lead to severe fatigue. RA also causes long-term pain.

What are the first signs of rheumatoid arthritis?

Joint pain

  • Joint stiffness
  • Joint swelling
  • Redness of the skin over the affected joint.
  • How does rheumatoid arthritis affect your hands?

    Numbness and tingling similar to carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Joints that are warm and tender to the touch.
  • Misshapen joints in your wrist or fingers.
  • Fatigue
  • What are the symptoms of rhuematoid arthritis?

    Joint pain,tenderness,swelling or stiffness that lasts for six weeks or longer.

  • Morning stiffness that lasts for 30 minutes or longer.
  • More than one joint is affected.
  • Small joints (wrists,certain joints in the hands and feet) are typically affected first.
  • The same joints on both sides of the body are affected.
  • What is the correct diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis?

    Do your joints,especially the smaller ones,remain stiff even after hours of waking up in the morning?

  • Do notice swelling of your joints,especially more in the morning?
  • Do you have pain when moving your fingers and wrists?
  • Do you feel a general weakness or lack of energy throughout the day?