How can I know the passenger of a train?


How can I know the passenger of a train?

Indian Railways new feature: Now, check your train reservation chart online

  1. The new feature will be available on both the web and mobile version of the IRCTC e-ticket booking platform.
  2. This will help passengers get information about any vacant berths that are available on the train after the chart is prepared.

Will RAC 126 get confirmed?

RAC 15 and RAC 126 mean allotment of single birth on cancellation of 15 and 126 confirmed tickets respectively of the same category.

Can I see railway chart online?

The new feature is available on the web as well as the mobile version of IRCTC’s e-ticket booking platform. To use the facility, log on to the IRCTC website and view ‘Charts/Vacancy’ option. Enter journey details like train number, data and boarding station to receive access to the correct chart.

What is passenger train number?

List of All Passenger Trains

About Slow Passenger Trains
Slow Passenger trains aka ‘Passenger Trains’ in Indian Railways are slow trains which generally halt at each intermediate station on its route, convenient for getting off at small towns and villages.
Number Train Name

Will RAC 38 get confirmed?

Yes, You can consider RAC means confirmed only. But bearth will be alloted during CHART preperation. if still it is in RAC then you will be alloted with a bearth for sitting (one side lower for 2 ppl) and if any bearth got vacant then TT will allot is as per priority.

Will waiting list 2 get confirmed?

3AC waiting list 1 and 2. Its big chance that your ticket will confirm.No need to take much tension. If your WL is a primary status then it will definitely get confirmed. I had booked 2 tickets in 2ac where as only one ticket was confirmed and second ticket is wl1.

Can I check chart online?

The Indian Railways has introduced a new feature of displaying reserved charts online. Now the passengers can check information on vacant, booked and partially booked train berths once the reservation chart is prepared.

What is the time of passenger train?

List of Indian Railway Trains and their Time Table

Train Number Train Name Departure time(hrs)
12426 JAMMU TAWI – NEW DELHI Rajdhani Express 19:40
12430 NEW DELHI – LUCKNOW AC SF Express 20:50
12437 SECUNDERABAD – HAZRAT NIZAMUDDIN Rajdhani Express 12:45
12951 MUMBAI CENTRAL – NEW DELHI Rajdhani Express 16:35

How do I check my train arrival time?

A: To check the estimated time of arrival (ETA), use the ixigo trains app. Go to ‘Running Status’ on the homescreen, and simply enter the five-digit train number or the name of the train. Then, select the date of journey from the source station.

Will RAC 61 get confirmed?

Will ticket having RAC 61 get confirm? if your ticket status is in RAC so it will get definitely confirm, but on the chart preparation. you will be given berth either full berth or the berth which is shared by another passenger.

How many hours before waiting list ticket will be confirmed?

Waitlist tickets do get confirmed at the last minute. Second Choice Trains: When the passengers do not get confirmed berths in the First Choice trains, they often turn to this group of trains.