Does Virgin Mobile have a fair usage policy?


Does Virgin Mobile have a fair usage policy?

Virgin Media’s mobile services (“our services”) are for private, personal and legitimate consumer use only, and are not for business or commercial use. As such, you must not use our services in any way that is not in keeping with that reasonably expected of a private individual.

Does Virgin Mobile have data cap?

The best way to view and manage your cap is via the Virgin Mobile app. Just navigate to the Plan tab, and tap Controls to get to set or change your Spending Cap. Alternatively you can log in online to Your Account. If you set a Spending Cap in Your Account, you can change it later using the Virgin Mobile app.

How do you check your minutes on Virgin Mobile?

You can check your balance in a number of ways:

  1. Visit
  2. Visit your app store and search for “Virgin Mobile My Account” for the balance app.
  3. Text Balance to 789789.
  4. Call 789 and press option ‘1’ for your remaining allowances.
  5. Or check it on a computer by visiting Your Account.

How do I limit data usage on Virgin Mobile?

If you’re the account holder of a Virgin Plus mobile account you can use My data manager to set up, remove or change blocks for lines on your account that include data usage. Use the tool to block data for smartphones, tablets, or other connected devices. It can’t be used for Prepaid, Talk and Text, and Pay-per-use.

Is there a limit on unlimited data Virgin Mobile?

Notes to editors: Virgin Mobile’s Truly Unlimited customers will enjoy unlimited texts, minutes and data without caps or throttling. Truly Unlimited is for consumers only and not to be used for commercial purposes.

What is Virgin Media Fair Use Policy?

This means making sure that the household’s internet connection isn’t used to abuse other people using the internet or to purposefully receive or distribute unsuitable material, like copyrighted music and films without permission, spam, viruses, etc.

Is Virgin Mobile truly unlimited data?

Virgin Mobile’s Truly Unlimited customers will enjoy unlimited texts, minutes and data without caps or throttling. Truly Unlimited is for consumers only and not to be used for commercial purposes.

Is Virgin Media Unlimited really Unlimited?

Virgin Media’s broadband isn’t just fast, it’s totally unlimited too. That means you can stream, game, browse and keep your smart speakers connected without worry of fair usage limits, traffic management or speed throttling with our unlimited broadband deals.

What is usage on Virgin Media bill?

Usage charges Usage charges If you’ve purchased any movies or played any interactive games in the last month, you’ll see those charges in this section. You’ll also see any call charges that are outside of your Talk plan. On demand charges include any movies, music or pay-per-view viewings.

Is Virgin PAYG ending?

Virgin Media’s Pay As You Go service is coming to an end by January 2022. “VIRGIN Media has announced they’re axing their pay-as-you-go (PAYG) plans. The 123,000 affected customers will be given the option to change their tariff or move providers, according to a Virgin Media spokesperson.

What is my mobile data limit?

Check Android Phone Data Use To view your data usage, tap Settings > Data. You can Set mobile data limit on this screen. For more detail, tap Settings > Connections > Data usage. Swipe up to see how much data your apps use, ordered from most to least.

What happens if I go over my data with Virgin?

Virgin Plus data overages are billed at $13/100MB up to 800MB and $0.15/MB thereafter. It works out to $137 for 1GB of data overages, if you’re calculating 1024MB in a gigabyte. Should you agree to keep using your data beyond what’s allocated, get ready to open your wallet.

What does unlimited minutes mean on Virgin Mobile?

Is Virgin data Unlimited?

Virgin offers 12GB of data on its 3G/4G LTE network, while T-Mobile offers 10GB of data on the fast speed LTE network. For a single line, users can get unlimited everything for only $45 a month, but only 2.5GB of data will be on Virgin’s high speed network.

Is Virgin Media truly unlimited?

It highlights the company’s commitment to existing customers, demonstrating their ambition to go the extra mile for the most loyal customers. Unlike most ‘unlimited’ offerings, Virgin Media’s new plan is truly unlimited, giving you no need to worry about going over your limits.

Is Virgin Media really unlimited?

What does unlimited local minutes mean?

unlimited anytime minutes means just that, there is no zone and the minutes can be used anywhere in the country on the network, sort of like unlimited canada wide.

How can I lower my Virgin Mobile bill?

How to reduce your Virgin Mobile bill?

  1. Consider adding a spending cap. With our spending caps, you can set exactly how much you want to spend each month, making sure there are no nasty surprises on your next bill.
  2. Use data-free messaging or WiFi calling where possible.
  3. Turn off data roaming when travelling abroad.

What is a usage charge?

Usage Charges means the Charges for the Service or applicable part of the Service that are calculated by multiplying the volume of units that the Customer used or incurred in a period (e.g. number of users using the Service, or the number of minutes the Service was used for) with the relevant fee that is specified in …