Does UPS My Choice cost money?


Does UPS My Choice cost money?

UPS My Choice offers two levels of membership: Basic (free) or Premium (paid). Premium allows you to make unlimited changes to your deliveries at no additional cost….UPS My Choice: Basic (Free) vs. Premium.

Main Features Basic (Free) Premium ($19.99/year)
Main FeaturesDelivery alerts Basic (Free) Premium ($19.99/year)

How do I register with UPS?

How do I set up an account with UPS?

  1. Select the Customer Service button at the top of the page.
  2. Select the “Get Started with UPS” link.
  3. On the following page, select the “I Ship Weekly” tab.
  4. Select the “Open a Payment Account” button and follow the steps provided.

How do I set up UPS My Choice?

As a new UPS My Choice member, you will be prompted to authenticate your membership by entering the activation code after you log in. A UPS My Choice Activation Code box will appear. You must select your country and enter the activation code that appears on your UPS My Choice welcome letter.

How do I get my UPS My Choice activation code?

How will I receive my activation code? As a new UPS My Choice Member, you will receive a welcome letter via the postal mail service with your activation code approximately 7-14 days from the date of your UPS My Choice enrollment. Your activation code will not be valid after 45 days from the date on the letter.

How does UPS My Choice work?

UPS My Choice® lets you decide how, where and when home deliveries occur to fit your schedule. Get estimated arrival and progress alerts. Delivery change options allow you to change a delivery address or hold at a UPS location where available.

What is included in UPS My Choice Premium Membership?

With UPS My Choice Premium you can. It allows you to reroute your shipments to The UPS Store or another address without paying additional fees. Don’t need that charger right away, but also don’t want it left sitting on the porch until you return? You can also choose a new delivery date that suits your schedule.

Why do I need a UPS account?

Conclusion. Having an account with UPS can make sending shipments so much easier, allowing you access to options such as receiver payments and weekly invoicing. You will get a six digit account number associated with all of your shipments, and your invoices will be available online.

What is UPS My Choice Account?

With UPS My Choice® for home, you get up-to-date delivery alerts and can track multiple package statuses in a calendar view. Whether online or by mobile, we help you put your plans ahead of the package.

Why can’t I log into my UPS account?

For security reasons you’re locked out if you enter the wrong User ID and password combination 3 times within a 10 minute period. UPS representatives can’t unlock the User ID. Please wait at least 30 minutes before trying to log in again, this includes if your password was just reset.

What is UPS My Choice USA?

Does UPS My Choice Premium automatically renew?

Your Premium Membership will automatically renew. You authorize UPS to charge your payment method for the current and subsequent membership subscription costs.

How long is UPS premium membership?

You may know your local drivers by name, or maybe you recognize the sound of that big brown truck turning onto your street before you even see it. If these are truths that resonate, it’s time to consider a UPS My Choice Premium 1-year membership.

How do I find out if I have a UPS account?

Finding Your Credentials To find your UPS Account Number, you’ll need to login to your UPS account and navigate to Profile > Payment Options. If there is no UPS Account Number then you will need to create one. You can do this by utilizing the “Add a Payment Method” dropdown and selecting “Add New Account”.

Do I have a UPS account?

Open a PDF version of the invoice, and you should be able to see your account number. It will be listed as a “Shipper Number” and appears in the top right-hand corner of the page, below “Delivery Service Invoice.” There’s also a third way to locate this number.

What are the benefits of UPS My Choice?

6 Reasons You Need UPS My Choice Premium

  • Unlimited Free Delivery Changes.
  • Unlimited Free SurePost Upgrades.
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  • 2 Free Confirmed Delivery Windows.
  • Delivery Planning.
  • Sign Online.
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  • Give Delivery Instructions.

How do I cancel my UPS My Choice membership?

UPS My Choice offers users the opportunity to delete a UPS My Choice account.

  1. Head over to the UPS portal to the ‘Cancel Your Enrollment’ page.
  2. Fill in the details, including the control number labeled on the UPS letter you received.
  3. Give a reason for cancellation.