Does Logitech webcam work with WebEx?


Does Logitech webcam work with WebEx?

High-Quality Video-Supported Cameras Cisco VT Camera II. Cisco VT Camera III. Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910. Logitech HD Webcam C920.

How do I change webcam settings in WebEx?

Go to your profile picture and then choose Settings. Click Video, choose the camera you’d like to use from the Camera drop-down list, and then click Save.

Which is better C920 or C930e?

The C930 wins in the image quality department. Even though it doesn’t get a sharpness boost, the colors are much better and it has a wider field of view.

What is the difference between Logitech C930e and C930C?

The main notable difference between the two is Logitech C930C has a built-in flash while the Logitech C930E does not. Even so, what it lacks in lighting, it makes up in the audio.

Why won’t my webcam work on Webex?

Notably, some users are complaining about their webcam not working on Webex. This common issue is often the result of an outdated webcam driver, another app hogging the webcam, or some other external reason. You can resolve most Webex issues with a simple restart of the application, but sometimes that is not enough.

What is the best webcam for Webex meetings?

The best webcams of 2022

  1. Razer Kiyo Pro. The best webcam on the market.
  2. Elgato Facecam. The best webcam for streamers.
  3. Logitech C920. A great all-round webcam.
  4. Logitech StreamCam. The best Logitech webcam for content creation.
  5. Logitech Mevo Start.
  6. Razer Kiyo.
  7. Microsoft LifeCam Studio.
  8. Logitech BRIO 4K Pro.

How do I test my Webex webcam?

Test My Mic, Sound and Webcam

  1. While on a conference, select the Audio menu, then select Speaker, Microphone and Camera.
  2. Check each setting in turn: For Speaker, make sure the sound is set to play through the right set of speakers. You can select Test to be sure you hear the chime after choosing a device.

Does Logitech webcam C930e have speakers?

The C930e is one chunky webcam. It measures 3.7 inches from end to end, encompassing speakers, LED lights and the camera lens. It’s almost identical to Logitech’s consumer model of this device, the HD Webcam C920, in that they share a body and design.

When did Logitech C930e come out?

Logitech C930e webcam review: Price, availability, and compatibility. Logitech has long been a mainstay in the laptop peripherals game, and the C930e has been part of the webcam scene since 2013. The latest C930e model has an MSRP of $129, but you can find it on sale at various retailers for roughly $100.

Is the Logitech C930e a good webcam?

The C930e is one of the best webcams you’ll find thanks to wide 90-degree viewing angles, crystal-clear 1080p (30 fps) videos, and uber-accurate colors. It’s not exactly like being in the same room as someone, of course, but it’s about as close as we can get for now.

Does Logitech C930e have a microphone?

The c930e is made mostly of black plastic. It measures 3.7 by 1.7 by 2.8 inches (HWD) and weighs 5.7 ounces with the clip and cable included. The Carl Zeiss glass lens is the dominant feature of the silver front panel. Stereo microphones sit on either side.

How do I add a camera to Webex?

You can select your camera either before you join a meeting or during a meeting….

1 Click your profile picture and choose Settings > Audio.
2 Choose Microphone (Cisco Webex Desk Camera) from the Microphone dropdown list.
3 (Optional) Adjust the input level by dragging the Volume slider left or right.
4 Click Save.

How do I connect my webcam to Webex?

In the meeting, select Audio & Video, then select Camera…. Select the appropriate video device from the Camera drop-down.

Does webcam C930e have a microphone?

And it just so happens the Logitech C930e has both in spades, featuring 1080p Full HD capturing capabilities and two omnidirectional microphones for higher audio quality, with a few additional features under the hood that make it one of the best webcams on our list.