Does Jayfeather have kits with Briarlight?


Does Jayfeather have kits with Briarlight?

The kits nursed for a while, and Jayfeather and Briarlight decided that they would say they found the kits in the woods, all alone.

What would Millie’s warrior name be?

After finding the Clans, they were welcomed by ThunderClan, and during a Clan meeting, Millie refused to have a warrior name. Despite some protests, she proved herself as a loyal and capable member of the Clan, and had Graystripe’s kits, Briarkit, Blossomkit, and Bumblekit.

How did Briarlight lose her legs?

Briarlight was a ThunderClan warrior under Firestar’s and Bramblestar’s leaderships in the lake territories, although she was unable to perform her warrior duties after a falling tree broke her spine, paralyzing her hindquarters.

Who is Rootsprings mate?

Bristlefrost envisioned herself with Rootspring in ThunderClan, hunting together, having three kits together, and sharing a nest. She died feeling loved, but Rootspring was devastated by her death, but promised to always keep her memory alive.

Who is Brindlefaces mate?

Mate: Whitestorm: Deceased, verified StarClan member.

Who is Cinderheart’s mate?

Her mate is Lionblaze, and Hollytuft, Sorrelstripe, Fernsong, Spotfur, Flywhisker, and Snaptooth are their children.

Who are Redtails kits?

Redtail was a ThunderClan deputy under Bluestar’s leadership in the forest territories. He was born as Redkit to Swiftbreeze and Adderfang alongside his sisters, Willowkit and Spottedkit.

What does Jayfeather bring to Millie and Briarkit?

Millie and Briarkit are the last to leave the abandoned Twoleg nest, with Graystripe proudly padding alongside them. The kit bounds ahead of them and meets Daisy, and then turns to play with the other kits. Jayfeather brings Briarkit and Millie some tansy, since they’re still recovering from greencough.

Why does Millie get angry at Jayfeather?

She becomes enraged at Jayfeather when he brings back news from ShadowClan, that they had a cat in the same condition who died. Squirrelflight comes over when Millie shoves Jayfeather out of the medicine den, and helps clear up the misunderstanding that Briarpaw will die.

What does Jayfeather say to Briarlight?

Briarlight tells her it’s tough, but it doesn’t hurt. Molepaw recalls Bumblestripe calling her the bravest cat in the Clan, and at that, Jayfeather feels Briarlight’s embarrassment. She mutters something incoherently, and tells the apprentices to stay still so she could get the cobwebs off.

What does Millie think about the cats and Briarlight?

He thinks to himself that if they had tiny kits, it would be harder, as it is already with Briarlight. The cats soon arrive with Briarlight on their backs. Millie worries about her, asking how she will climb up the path. He thinks that he’d imagined some cat would carry her up, but realizes that isn’t possible.