Does Jackie start using drugs again?


Does Jackie start using drugs again?

The heartbreaking moment came at the end of Nurse Jackie’s season finale last year when, on her way to the party celebrating her first year of sobriety, Jackie Peyton popped another pill.

Why did Jackie take the pill?

In a bid to gain control over the newfound sensation, Jackie does the unthinkable just as she’s preparing to celebrate one year of sobriety: She pops a pill and heads to the ceremony — attended by friends and family — high as a kite.

Does Nurse Jackie ever get clean?

Two days later Jackie awakens to discover herself handcuffed to a hospital bed and learns that she’s gone through sedated detox and is now clean. Pissed off at losing her right to choose sobriety and at the news that she’s been charged with drug trafficking, Jackie takes off to All Saints to reclaim her life.

Does Nurse Jackie go to rehab?

When the pharmacist followed her and saw her with her husband, the situation took a particularly dark dramatic turn. Her marriage was irreparably damaged, and Jackie finally went to detox and rehab and began a recovery process that focused on staying away from drug use.

What are the blue pills that Nurse Jackie takes?

By the end of season three I was oh so sick of seeing all of those oval blue pills, supposedly the Oxycontin prescription pain killers the fictional character of ‘All Saints Hospital’ ER Nurse Jackie (played by Edie Falco) was hooked on.

How old is Edie Falco?

59 years (July 5, 1963)Edie Falco / Age

How much did Edie Falco make on Nurse Jackie?

During her run on the show ‘Nurse Jackie’ as the lead character, Jackie Peyton, Falco has getting paid $175,000 per episode, as the show’s peak.

What was James Gandolfini salary?

Recommended. Following intense negotiations, HBO agreed to pay the actor $1m (£742,165) per episode. This translated to $13m (£9.6m) per season. According to the book, Gandolfini agreed to the number – in spite of it being much less than he had originally wanted – because of his fellow Sopranos cast.