Does Blackstar have a mate?


Does Blackstar have a mate?

Once again, Su Susann has said that Blackstar and Tallpoppy are indeed mates. Making Blackstar the father of Marshkit, Toadfoot, Smokefoot, Snaketail, and Applefur.

Which warrior cat is blind?

Jayfeather is a gray tabby tom with blind blue eyes. Jayfeather is a ThunderClan medicine cat that has served under Firestar’s, Bramblestar’s, the impostor’s, Squirrelflight’s, Lionblaze’s, and Graystripe’s leaderships in the lake territories.

Who was bluestars mate?

After Bluestar sacrificed herself to save ThunderClan, Mistyfoot and Stonefur forgave her, and she ascended to StarClan where she became mates with Oakheart again and reunited with her kin, feeling at peace.

Who gave Blackstar his nine lives?

However, StarClan grants him nine lives, with the catch that he relives memories of his past. Blackfoot’s father, Blizzardwing, gives him a life for acceptance as Blackfoot recalls learning the truth about Blizzardwing being their father, though the tom never acknowledged it.

Was Blackstar a good leader?

Although he is not terribly generous towards the other Clans, Blackstar is a good leader to ShadowClan, and he raises ShadowClan up, turning them back into the proud and respected warriors that they once were, rather than just “those evil guys that live the the spooky, dark woods.”

Who is blackstars kits?


  • Affiliations. Current: StarClan. Past:
  • Biographical information. Cause of death: Drowned.
  • Names. Kit: Blackkit. Apprentice:
  • Kin. Mother: Hollyflower. Father:
  • Education. Apprentice: Dawncloud.
  • Leader position. Preceded by: Tigerstar.
  • Deputy position. Preceded by: Brokentail.
  • Deputy position. Preceded by: Cinderfur.

How did Crookedstar break his jaw?

Crookedstar – Born Stormkit, Crookedstar’s jaw was broken when he smashed his jaw against the stepping stones while crossing the river back from Sunning Rocks. Following the event, his mother Rainflower scornfully renamed him Crookedkit.

Who are Tallpoppy’s kits?

After briefly serving as a warrior, Tallpoppy returns to the nursery and has three kits Toadkit, Applekit, and Marshkit.

Does Blackstar go to StarClan?

He led his Clan through the Great Journey, but a rogue named Sol influenced the ShadowClan leader to abandon StarClan until StarClan themselves appeared to restore his faith. During the Great Storm, Blackstar lost his final life, passing his leadership onto Rowanclaw.

Who gave Brokenstar his nine lives?

Raggedstar chose his son to become deputy after Cloudpelt, the former deputy, was killed in battle. Brokentail craved more power than deputyship and he murdered his father in cold blood, ripping all nine lives away from him at once. He lied that his father was killed by a passing patrol.

Who is leader after Rowanstar?

When Rowanstar is forced out of ShadowClan, Tawnypelt, along with Tigerheart, stood by him and went with him to seek refuge in ThunderClan where Tawnypelt’s brother, Bramblestar is the leader.