Do inactive DeviantArt accounts get deleted?


Do inactive DeviantArt accounts get deleted?


Why can’t I log into DeviantArt?

Check your browser for bots, extensions, userscripts, or bulk image downloaders and disable any that may be running. There could also be interference from the way your browser in general is handling changes and deletions to cookies or the browser’s cookie cache.

Is DeviantArt down right now? is UP and reachable by us.

How do I recover my DeviantArt account?

Click on the “Forgot your username or password” link below the login form. Select the “Forgot your username” link. Enter your email address. Click the “Recover Username” button and an email with your username will be sent if there is an account connected to that address.

Will DeviantArt ever shut down?

DeviantArt Isn’t Shutting Down Anytime Soon.

How do you get past the mature filter on DeviantArt without an account?

If the birthday you entered when you created your account is less than 18 years old, the option to enable mature content will not be available. The only way to bypass the mature filter is to create a new account and enter a birthday that is over 18 years old.

Is DeviantArt Dow?

The official DeviantArt app DeviantArt is the official app from the eponymous art social network, where you can enjoy the all the creative potential it offers right from the comfort of your Android device.

How do I reactivate my DeviantArt account after 21 days?

Deactivated accounts beyond the 21 day self-reactivation window cannot be reactivated by the account owner or Deviant Art Staff due to technical limitations. If you wish to continue to participate in the community, we would suggest considering creating a new account under a new name.

Does DeviantArt have an app?

The website rebranded as DeviantArt, unveiled a new logo and brand color, and announced the release of an official mobile app for Android and iOS.

Is DeviantArt Still Alive 2021?

DeviantArt isn’t completely dead and still has a substantial userbase, but if you’re a digital artist and are trying to build a fresh following, ArtStation is currently a healthier and more engaged platform. Here’s an article we’ve written about the best alternatives to DeviantArt.

Why is DeviantArt 13+?

As we collect certain pieces of identifiable information, and since a DeviantArt account allows a user to publicly display various types of personal and identifiable information (such as name, location, and email information), we cannot allow children under the age of 13 to utilize an account at this point in time.

Does DeviantArt steal art?

At DeviantArt, we cannot stand idly by while thieves steal our users’ art. In July, we launched DeviantArt Protect to help safeguard artists from art theft by scanning all new deviation submissions to the site.

How do I view 18+ on DeviantArt?

If you’re over 18, you can go to your settings page on the desktop version of the site….If you’d like to view Mature Content in the app:

  1. Visit your Profile.
  2. Settings.
  3. Toggle the button for “View mature content” to “on.” This does not affect your setting on the desktop site.

How do I turn off mature content?

How can I turn Mature Content on or off while I browse?

  1. Hover over your avatar for the drop-down menu.
  2. The use the checkbox beside “Display Mature Content.” Checking the box will display mature content.

Is there a DeviantArt app?

Deviation Actions The world’s largest art gallery in your hand is now available on Android, iOS 8, and Amazon Fire for free. Get it now! The DeviantArt Mobile App moves the experience to hand-held devices exposing a full range of exciting, fresh, and culturally relevant content.