Can you tow a caravan with a detachable tow bar?


Can you tow a caravan with a detachable tow bar?

A flange towbar with detachable towball is often preferred by cyclists etc, because it means you can attach a purpose-made bike holder for use when you’re also towing your caravan. A bumper protector can also be added.

What is a BMA towbar?

There are three types of Detachable tow bar: vertically detachable (BMU), horizontally detachable(BMC) and the diagonally detachable tow bar (BMA).

What towbar is best for caravans?

Flange Towbar This is most popular with drivers towing heavy vehicles and caravans for long distances. The reason for this is because there are a number of partner accessories available to aid the towing experience such as pin type towballs, bumper protectors and drop plates to adjust the tow bar’s height.

What type of towbar is best for a caravan?

The modern socket type on the market, the 13-pin socket is ideal for all your towing needs. Powering the lights on a caravan, trailer or cycle carrier, a 13-pin socket can also provide power to the inside of your caravan. All UK caravans manufactured after 2008 will have a 13-pin connector as standard.

What is a Thule towbar cargo carrier?

When you want to bring everything you need, a Thule towbar cargo carrier gives you extra carrying capacity. Safely and securely mounted on your car’s towbar, you can choose an open cargo platform or a platform with a box or bag for extra security and protection from the elements.

How many bikes can I tow with the Thule velospace XT?

Thule VeloSpace XT is a towbar bike rack that can carry all types of heavy bikes, from ebikes to fatbikes. With this versatile bike rack you can increase the load capacity to 4 bikes with an adapter (sold separately). Or, turn the bike rack into a rear cargo carrier with the Thule BackSpace XT (sold separately).

Is the Thule towbar the same as brink?

If you have purchased and mounted a towbar between 2006 and 2016, you have a Thule towbar. The towbar became even more well known, thanks to the Thule name. However, in reality, the Thule towbar was exactly the same as it was before and as it is now when they were made under the Brink flag.

How many bikes can a towbar bike rack hold?

Robust and lightweight, these bike racks take seconds to install on your towbar and carry up to 4 bikes. If you’re transporting lots of heavy bikes or ebikes on your next family vacation, look no further than a towbar bike rack.