Can Smart Promo be extended?


Can Smart Promo be extended?

We have no feature for you to extend a promo. As another option, you can still register for a new promo on top of your current subscription. Multiple registrations are allowed. Note that the expiration will depend on your last registration.

How do you UNLI Mega 250?

How to Register to SMART MEGA All-in 250

  1. Dial *123#
  2. Choose “Other Offers”
  3. Choose “MEGA All In”
  4. Choose option 1 to subscribe.

How extend UNLI data for all sites in Smart?

You can also register to Smart Unli Data promos by dialing *143#. When the USSD menu appears, select “UNLI DATA FOR ALL SITES” by entering the corresponding number, and then on the next step, choose “7 Days, P99” or “30 Days, P299.” After choosing your promo, select “Subscribe” to register to the promo.

How do I extend my data 299?

Select ALL DATA 299 by tapping the Subscribe button. Make sure that you have at least ₱299 load balance and then tap “Subscribe.” You will then receive a text confirmation of your successful registration to Smart All Data 299.

How can I extend my Smart data promo?

To stack or extend GigaSurf 99, simply register to a new GigaSurf promo before your current promo expires. The validity period will follow the newly registered promo.

What is the Smart Mega all-in 250?

Like previous iterations of the same SMART promo, the MEGA All-in 250 renders users the ability to send out unlimited text messages across all local networks, have free minutes of all, and a small data package of 100 Mb as added bonus. All of this is valid within 1 month from the date of registration.

What are the benefits of the mega250 plan?

· Unlimited texts to all networks, 180 mins call to Smart/TNT/Sun, and 100MB all-access data; ₱250, valid for 30 days (1 month). To register, text MEGA250 to 9999.

What are the Smart promos offered by Giga?

Check Smart GIGA SURF/VIDEO, SURFMAX, and other data load promos. With these better Smart promo offers with bigger mobile data inclusion, you get to enjoy a better internet surfing experience, plus Smart unli call & text inclusions and app data for specific app & sites.

What promos does Smart Smart offer?

Smart offers lots of promos in these services, from budget-friendly calls and texts credits to unlimited ones with longer validity. On the other hand, Smart also offers internet data promos that let’s you access the web and use your favorite apps on your phone.