Can I watch S4C on iPlayer?


Can I watch S4C on iPlayer?

S4C programmes are available on BBC iPlayer as this builds on our partnership with S4C and makes their programmes available in more ways than ever.

Is S4C available on catch up?

S4C also has an online, on demand catch up service, s4c.

How can I watch S4C rugby in English?

Scroll to Set Up and press the centre button to select it. Scroll to Preferences and select Go to Audio Language press the centre button and change it from English to Welsh, also make sure Audio Description is set to off. This will ensure you have English language commentary on S4C when it is available automatically.

How do I watch S4C on demand?

You can enjoy S4C programmes live and on demand on S4C Clic when you register for free. You can also enjoy box sets and exclusive content.

How do I get S4C English on iPlayer?


  1. Press the services button on your handset.
  2. Using the arrow buttons, move the highlight yellow line down to system set up.
  3. Press the select button on your handset.
  4. Use arrow buttons to highlight the 3rd option, language and subtitles.
  5. Press the select button on your handset.

How do I get S4C on Freeview?

It is vital that we are able to offer the best service possible to our viewers. The 104 HD channel will provide S4C with a stable home on Freeview and ensure that we are now on HD across all platforms.”

How can I watch BBC Wales live on iPlayer?

To watch national and regional programmes on demand, just search for the programme in the BBC iPlayer search bar. Most programmes are available shortly after broadcast. You can also easily find a selection of programmes in the Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales categories.

Is S4C available on Freeview?

As a result, S4C now broadcasts solely in the Welsh language and, as well as on Freeview in Wales, is available throughout Britain, Ireland and the rest of western Europe on Freesat and Sky.

How do I get S4C English on iplayer?

Why is my iPlayer in Welsh?

If the language has defaulted back to English when you return to BBC iPlayer, check that you have cookies enabled. It’s not currently possible to change the language of BBC iPlayer on our mobile, tablet or TV apps.

Why is S4C not on Freeview?

S4C HD’s Freeview hours are limited due to a timesharing arrangement with the BBC. The new service will share bandwidth with CBBC HD.

Is S4C on Freeview in England?

S4C will return to channel 104 in High Definition on Freeview from 28 March 2022. Viewers will be able to enjoy S4C in High Definition from 7.00 pm throughout the week and from 2.00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

How do I change my S4C from Virgin to English?

no red button on Virgin, so you need to go through Info – Audio, change Audio language to Welsh in order to receive English commentary. Get back to us if you need any further assistance. TV viewers can use the red button to access English commentary.

How do I change the language on S4C on BBC iPlayer?

How do I change my S4C to English?

Re: English commentary on S4C On your mini box go into Settings, Set Up, Preferences then select Audio Language Welsh. You will then have English commentary on S4C without the red button.

What channel is S4C on Freeview play?


Freeview (Wales only) Channel 4 (SD) Channel 110 (HD) (weekday evenings and weekend afternoons/evenings)
Streaming media
S4C Clic Watch live (UK and Ireland; with adverts)

Is S4C Clic free?

Price: Free Download Price inclusive of VAT if applicable. This app needs permission to access: Access information about networks.