Can Garchomp use flamethrower?


Can Garchomp use flamethrower?

6 days ago
In a casual playthrough, most dragons like Garchomp have big, flashy moves like Draco Meteor and Flamethrower that do a ton of damage on paper but aren’t suited for their stat spread.

What is the best Moveset for Garchomp?

Best moveset for Garchomp The best moves for Garchomp are Dragon Tail and Outrage when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.

What item should Garchomp hold?

About Garchomp’s Held Item Lum Berry protects Garchomp from burns from Will-O-Wisp while Focus Sash lets it set up Swords Dance even if it gets hit by a super effective move. Life Orb, on the other hand, further boosts the power of its moves at the cost of some residual damage.

Is dragon claw a good move for Garchomp?

As such, go with Dragon Claw. For Ground Type Moves, Garchomp can only learn two: Sand Tomb and Dig. Both are great moves, but Dig does a lot more damage and it causes your opponent to (usually) miss one of its attacks while Garchomp is underground. Dig is the better choice for an offensive Pokemon.

What is the best Moveset for Garchomp diamond?

Outrage and Earthquake are its strongest moves and are capable of easily knocking out Pokemon that aren’t resistant or immune to it after one Swords Dance boost. Rock Tomb is a good utility move that can dissuade faster Pokemon from switching into Garchomp and risk getting their speed lowered.

How do you make the perfect Garchomp?

How to Raise a Perfect Garchomp

  1. 1 Catch a Gible with a good nature.
  2. 2 Fight Pokémon that give Attack and Speed EVs.
  3. 3 Level it up to 24 and teach it powerful moves.
  4. 4 Evolve your Gible to a Gabite.
  5. 5 Train your Gabite in Attack and Speed.
  6. 6 Raise your Gabite to Level 48.
  7. 7 Evolve your Gabite at level 48 or 49.

How do you raise the perfect Garchomp?

Is Fire Fang a good move?

9 Fire Fang The fact that the move has an ability to burn and flinch the opponent is very useful, and managing to hit both can set you up in a great position for next turn. This is certainly a move worth a spot on the team.

Is Earth Power or outrage better for Garchomp?

In terms of Total Performance, Earth Power Garchomp is 8.77% better than Earthquake Garchomp. Earth Power wins.

Is Earth Power better than outrage for Garchomp?

In Raids, Earth Power Garchomp is arguably the greatest non-Mega Ground-type attacker. In the Master League Classic, Earth Power sports clear advantages over Earthquake on Garchomp. In the Master League XL, Earth Power is still better but gives Garchomp issues against Conkeldurr and Mamoswine.

What are the best IVS for Garchomp?

Rank IV Product relative
1 0 / 15 / 15 100 %
1 0 / 15 / 14 100 %
3 1 / 14 / 14 99.90 %
4 2 / 13 / 14 99.80 %

What are the best stats for Garchomp?

Garchomp Highest IV Stat is Attack 130 and the Lowest being Special Attack 80. Sand Veil raises the ability-bearer’s evasion by 20% in a sandstorm. It also gives immunity to sandstorm damage (if they are not already protected by being Ground/Rock/Steel type).

What is Gible best ability?

Gible performs best with sandstorm in play to take advantage of its ability, Sand Veil. Hippopotas pairs well with Gible as it provides infinite sandstorm, and enables Gible to dodge a few hits.

Is Flamethrower the best fire type move?

Flamethrower is the best of the mid-range Fire attacks; its power-to-accuracy-to-PP ratio is one of the best out of any move – regardless of type and generation.

Is Flamethrower or flame burst better?

7 Flame Burst While this isn’t anything major, it is a nice little secondary effect that helps the move be a bit more effective during double or triple battles depending on the Generation. While this isn’t anything crazy major… it’s better than Flamethrower.

Is Flamethrower the best Fire type move?