Are Thursday boots good for wide feet?


Are Thursday boots good for wide feet?

Thursday Captain Boots Highlights You can also get two options in their extra tough Rugged & Resilient leathers: Arizona Adobe and Black Matte. The Brown and the Arizona Adobe colors are the most popular ones for the Captain, and you can get ’em if you have wide feet.

Do Thursday boots need to be broken in?

How should my boots fit? Our boots are meant to be snug at first since natural leather will stretch to form your feet over time. Keep in mind they should be snug, but not uncomfortable. Durable leathers can occasionally take more than a few wears to break in.

Are Thursday boots good for riding?

They feel tough, definitely, and you can certainly wear these for tough stuff like riding or motorcycle or going for a walk through the woods. But the styling is way more refined and the leather has way more luster than a utility boot like the Wolverines.

Do Thursday boots have removable insoles?

The treads area nice touch and for me are a step up from the Dainite-like soles Thursday uses in terms of functionality. The insole is actually a removable foam covered in the same sheepskin lining on top of a Poron board.

Do Thursday Boots have arch support?

As I began this Thursday Boots review, I was immediately curious about the meaning behind “Thursday” and what they had to offer. They use quality materials that provide enhanced comfort, such as leather linings, padded midsoles, and arch support.

Are Thursday Boots good for flat feet?

Thursday’s leather midsole combined with the classic Vibram Christy sole makes this boot a terrific casual option for guys with flat feet.

How long does it take to break in a Thursday boot?

New boots can take around 80 to 100 hours to break in. That being said, don’t subject yourself to wearing your boots for 4 days straight and expect your feet to be happy with you. Instead, space this time out to about 2 to 3 hours a day and keep a second pair of boots to change into.

Are Thursday boots good for flat feet?

Can you wear Thursday Boots with a suit?

Thursday Boot Co. $199 AT THURSDAY BOOT CO. A combat-style boot is great for winter—dress it up with a suit during the week, and feel free to wear it with jeans on the weekend.

Do Thursday boots have arch support?

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