Are there any prehistoric fish still alive?


Are there any prehistoric fish still alive?

The coelacanth a giant weird fish still around from dinosaur times can live for 100 years, a new study found. These slow-moving, people-sized fish of the deep, nicknamed a ‘living fossil’, are the opposite of the live fast, die young mantra. These nocturnal fish grow at an achingly slow pace.

Are coelacanth Still Alive 2022?

Coelacanths May Live Nearly a Century, Much Longer Than Researchers Expected. The giant, deep-sea fish coelacanths from millions of years ago is still alive today, and can live for up to a century long.

Do coelacanth still exist?

The current coelacanth range is primarily along the eastern African coast, although Latimeria menadoensis was discovered off Indonesia. Coelacanths have been found in the waters of Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, Madagascar, Comoros and Indonesia.

What are new fish that have been discovered in 2021?

Scientists at the California Academy of Sciences discovered 70 new plant and animal species last year. They include a blue-spotted guitarfish, the identification of which has helped in the establishment of a protection plan for sharks and rays in Madagascar.

Is a coelacanth a dinosaur?

The coelacanth — a wondrous fish that was thought to have gone extinct along with the dinosaurs 66 million years ago before unexpectedly being found alive and well in 1938 off South Africa’s east coast — is offering up even more surprises.

Why did megalodon disappear?

First, the climate dramatically changed. Global water temperature dropped; that reduced the area where megalodon, a warm-water shark, could thrive. Second, because of the changing climate, entire species that megalodon preyed upon vanished forever.

What are the top 10 prehistoric sea animals?

Giant Stingray. What grew 17 feet across,had a 10 inch poison spike in its tail and was strong enough to drag a boat filled with people?

  • Livyatan melvillei. Remember me mentioning “hypercarnivorous” whales?
  • Helicoprion.
  • Kronosaurus.
  • Dunkleosteus.
  • Mauisaurus.
  • Jaekelopterus rhenaniae.
  • Basilosaurus.
  • Liopleurodon.
  • Megalodon.
  • What is the prehistoric fish that is still around?

    The goblin shark is definitely one of the most unusual of all of the prehistoric fish that are still around today. With its long snout and pink color, it doesn’t resemble any other species. The snout actually is electro sensitive to compensate for the poor eyesight of the goblin shark.

    What are your favorite extinct prehistoric animals?

    Mumei. I was originally going to make this about dinosaurs,but I just knew someone would say,”But my favorite is elasmosaurus ” or whatever and be sad because it

  • strafer
  • oxrock. Gravity is a myth,the Earth SUCKS!
  • Green Mamba.
  • Baconsaurus Rex.
  • DonMigs85
  • Prez.
  • Himynameischris
  • Cow Mengde.
  • teruterubozu.
  • Are prehistoric fish dangerous to humans?

    The arapaima was around back in the day when dinosaurs roamed the earth but are fairly scarce today. They are a popular catch and release fish found in the Amazon River. They need oxygen in order to breathe and live but they are not harmful if they encounter a human. They live off on smaller fish and just about anything they can get into their mouths.