Are Scott bikes Swiss?


Are Scott bikes Swiss?

GIVISIEZ, Switzerland – Multisport brand Scott Sports, founded in the USA in 1958 and currently in Swiss-Korean hands, has taken over promising startup Bold Cycles Ltd; a local Swiss brand offering sophisticated technological frame solutions as well as custom-made possibilities.

What model is my Scott bike?

Check the Serial Number The bike serial number under every frame is unique as it helps identify your bike. The serial numbers are usually stamped on the frame while at the production factory. A serial number carries a lot of information, including details about the model of the bike and its production year.

Is Scott a good brand for bikes?

Scott bikes offer better value than comparable models. You might be wondering, “is Scott worth the price?” This manufacturer offers bikes at multiple price points, many of which might strain the wallets of more conservative enthusiasts. However, when compared to higher end bikes, the financial savings are obvious.

Are Scott bikes made in the USA?

Scott Sports SA (formerly Scott USA) is a Swiss producer of bicycles, winter equipment, motorsports gear and sportswear….Scott Sports.

Industry Bicycles, skiing, snowboarding and Motocross equipment
Founded 1958 (as Scott USA)
Founder Ed Scott
Headquarters Givisiez , Switzerland

Is Scott a brand?

Its products were sold under a variety of well-known brand names, including Scott Tissue, Cottonelle, Baby Fresh, Scottex and Viva. Consolidated sales of its consumer and commercial products totalled approximately $3.6 billion in 1994. The company was acquired by the Kimberly-Clark Corporation in 1995.

Where is the frame size on a Scott bike?

The frame size is embedded in the serial number of your bike (f.e. 52, 54, 56 for a road bike or S, M, L for a MTB). It is as well embedded in a logo on the frame close to the toptube/seattube intersection.