Are Leverage Gyms any good?


Are Leverage Gyms any good?

However, don’t get me wrong-this Body-Solid Leverage Gym is definitely on the list of must have’s if you are tight on space and still want to get a piece that can pretty much do it all. The piece itself is of very high quality and very durable. The pads are comfortable when working out and are tear resistant.

What is a Powertec?

The Powertec Workbench is a versatile, durable home gym that can be used by three users at once. It’s the only machine we reviewed that requires weight plates for resistance, but you must purchase them separately, making this an expensive whole body training system for serious users only.

Is the Powertec Levergym worth it?

This system is very smooth, offers very consistent tension throughout the full range, and can handle an adequate 300-pounds. The cable portion of the tower alone makes it worthy of consideration. Low rows are very smooth on the Powertec, but they do need to be done from the floor rather than on a bench.

Is Powertec Made in USA?

Powertec have their own manufacturing facilities in China and have direct control over quality. They make them in huge quantities and have over 10 years of experience on manufacturing these specific leverage gyms.

Where is Powertec?

6301 Alondra Blvd. Powertec is the pioneer and leader in innovative strength equipment. Headquartered in southern California, and with operations in the United States, Europe and Asia, Powertec continues to design and produce a full line of innovative strength equipment for home and light commercial use.

How tall is the Powertec Workbench?

A: The maximum height of the Workbench Multisystem, which is the Lat Handles, is 80.5″.

How tall is the Powertec Levergym?

I chose this machine because I wanted to lift REAL weight. I also needed something versatile and something that I wouldn’t easily outgrow. Space: The machine measures `6.5 feet Long x 3.5 feet Wide x just over `7 feet Tall. You will need at least `10 x `8 feet of floor space and a 7.5 high ceiling.