Are fingerprints required for security clearance?


Are fingerprints required for security clearance?

Fingerprints can be required if you have had a 2 year lapse in your security clearance access, a re-investigation is needed due to an incident report, or it is an initial investigation. Fingerprints taken for security clearances are not transferred to other agencies for other security clearances.

What is a EFT fingerprint file?

. EFT (Electronic Fingerprint Transmission) file is digital file that contains your fingerprint information securely and is a standard used by the FBI for digital fingerprints. .

Can I bend a fingerprint card?

Make sure that you sign and fill out all information required on your fingerprint cards. mailing cards to the AESBL, secure them in an envelope with a cardboard insert and mark “Do Not Bend” on the outside of the envelope.

How do I create an EFT file?


  1. From the Tools menu, select Create EFT Transmission Files.
  2. Enter the processing date, select the sponsoring bank, and browse to name the file.
  3. Check the option to Print control report.
  4. Click Create Now to create the file.

Can FBI fingerprint cards be folded?

When submitting paper fingerprint cards, you may use a large envelope and standard US Mail to send your application forms and fingerprints to National Background Information. Do not fold the fingerprint card(s).

What is Ori on fingerprint card?

To request fingerprint cards or training aids, your agency must have an Originating Agency Identifier (ORI). An ORI is a nine-character number you must use to receive fingerprint supplies and training aids. Contact your State Identification Bureau CJIS Systems Officer to request an ORI.

Can you print fingerprint card on regular paper?

Yes, the FBI will accept FD-1164 fingerprint cards on standard white paper stock. If you go to a law enforcement agency or private fingerprinting agency to be fingerprinted, they may prefer to use a fingerprint card on standard card stock. You may use the fingerprint card provided by the printing agency.

What is the best paper for fingerprints?

Paper & Canvas Information Fingerprint trees can be printed on almost anything! But we generally recommend using some type of archival paper, which will hold the colors and fine details better over time. We also suggest a matte finish as your guests will be less likely to smear ink.

How many fingerprint cards do you need for a suppressor?

Anytime you purchase an NFA item, you must include (2) FD-258 fingerprint cards. If you are mailing off multiple copies of the Form 4 (paperwork to transfer a suppressor to you) in the same packet, you only have to include one set of fingerprint cards for all of the Form 4s.

Does the CIA check your Internet history?

Although security clearance background checks can be intensely thorough, the government can’t view your emails, Internet browsing history, hard drive data, and other virtual assets without a subpoena or warrant.

What does OCA mean on fingerprint card?

Originating Case Agency
The OCA number is a field for the requesting agency to use for internal needs. OCA stands for “Originating Case Agency”. Sometimes the Request For Live Scan Service Form may have this field listed as “Your Number” or “Facility Number”. This field in the live scan system is only required by specific agencies.

What is the TCN for SWFT fingerprinting?

The SWFT TCN must be unique for each fingerprint transaction, and consists of the TCN Prefix and TCN Suffix. The TCN Prefix typically remains constant for each fingerprinting device, while TCN Suffix is unique in each fingerprint transaction submitted from that device.

Why convert a hard card to an electronic fingerprint record?

Converting a “hard card” into an electronic fingerprint record enables you to have your fingerprints processed as quickly as if you had traveled to a PrintScan fingerprint collection site for Live Scan capture.

Is it possible to delete fingerprints from SWFT?

Only manual deletion is available and can only be performed by the SWFT Administrator. 36. How do I complete fingerprints for an amputee? For eFPs being uploaded to SWFT, contact your software vendor for additional instructions.

What is the FBI channeler option for secure web fingerprint transmission?

Inquiries has been an FBI channeler since 2006, having passed all of the security processes and procedures necessary for Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT), we are able to offer you more options to meet the mandate – Option 4 (FBI Channeler) and Option 3 (outside cleared contractor) capabilities. Q. How can I meet the requirements for SWFT?