Are Agrium and Nutrien the same company?


Are Agrium and Nutrien the same company?

Agrium and PotashCorp Merger Completed Forming Nutrien, a Leader in Global Agriculture. SASKATOON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Nutrien Ltd. (Nutrien) (TSX and NYSE: NTR) today announced the successful completion of the merger of equals between Agrium Inc. (Agrium) and Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc.

Where is Nutrien located?

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Nutrien is a Canadian fertilizer company based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It is the largest producer of potash and the third largest producer of nitrogen fertilizer in the world.

Where is Nutrien headquartered?

Saskatoon, CanadaNutrien / Headquarters

Who owns PotashCorp of Saskatchewan?

The Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, also known as PotashCorp, was a company based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The company merged with Calgary-based Agrium to form Nutrien, in a transaction that closed on January 1, 2018….PotashCorp.

Type Public
Founded 1975
Defunct December 2017
Fate Merged with Agrium
Successor Nutrien

Who owns Nutrien Australia?

Nutrien, operating in Australia through our wholly-owned subsidiary Landmark, officially acquired Ruralco Holdings Limited on October 1.

How many Nutrien locations are there?

Our network of over 2,000 retail locations in seven countries provide a wide range of products and services to help growers around the world feed the future. We provide our customers with complete agriculture solutions including nutrients, crop protection products, seed, service and digital tools.

Who is the owner of Nutrien?

Ken Seitz (Jan 2022–)Nutrien / CEO

Who owns potash mines in Saskatchewan?

The mine is currently owned and operated by Nutrien. As of 2019, Rocanville had an annual nameplate capacity of 6.5Mt and an annual operating capacity of 5.14Mt of finished potash (concentrated KCl) products.

What is the biggest potash mine in Saskatchewan?

Jansen Potash Project at a glance Our Jansen Project in Saskatchewan, Canada is planned to be the largest potash producing mine in the world, providing a rich source of potassium to keep soils fertile and maximise food production.

Where is the world’s largest potash mine?

Nutrien is the world’s largest potash producer with over 20 million tonnes of potash capacity at our six lower-cost potash mines in Saskatchewan. With decades of high-quality reserves and our multi-year expansions complete, we are well positioned to meet the world’s long-term potash needs.

What did Nutrien used to be called?

Prior to its rebranding in 2018, the company now known as Nutrien Ag Solutions was called Crop Production Services.

Is Nutrien a good company?

Nutrien is a great company with a lot of career advancement for the the right person. They are number one in the world in ag distribution and have a corporate culture that fits most lifestyles. The corporate environment delivers training, safety, and structure.

How many locations does Nutrien Ag Solutions have?

Who is the CEO of nutrient?

What does the CEO of Nutrien make?

As the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of Nutrien Ltd, the total compensation of Charles Magro at Nutrien Ltd is $12,366,300. There are no executives at Nutrien Ltd getting paid more.

Does Saskatchewan have uranium?

Northern Saskatchewan has the largest high-grade uranium deposits in the world. This region is the source of almost a quarter of the world’s uranium supply for electrical generation. Provincial and federal agencies establish the rules and regulate the performance of uranium mines.

How deep are the potash mines in Saskatchewan?

2,500- 3,000 feet underground
Most of Saskatchewan’s potash deposits are located 2,500- 3,000 feet underground, with the reserves varying in depth based on their location in the province.

What is the price of potash?

Potash had an average price of $875/ton, 10-34-0 $906/ton, anhydrous $1,534/ton (all-time high), UAN28 $630/ton (all-time high) and UAN32 $730/ton (all-time high).”