Who wrote oo child?


Who wrote oo child?

Stan VincentO-o-h Child / LyricistStan Vincent is an American record producer/arranger best known for the Top Ten hits “I’m Gonna Make You Mine” by Lou Christie and “O-o-h Child” by Five Stairsteps. He is also a composer notably having written “O-o-h Child” and several songs recorded by Connie Francis. Wikipedia

What is the meaning of the song Ooh Child?

The song “Ooh Child” by Five Stairsteps is a song of comfort and hope. It resembles any person going through a rough patch and continuing to have hope their days will become a little easier. They continue to drudge on even though what they are going through in the moment seems unbearable.

What movie has the song Ooh child in it?

CrooklynO-o-h Child / Movie

What ever happened to the Five Stairsteps?

James Burke, a member of the classic Chicago soul group the Five Stairsteps died last Friday, February 19th. He was 70. Burke’s brother and bandmate, Dennis Burke, confirmed James’ death to Rolling Stone, adding that the cause was pneumonia but unrelated to Covid-19 complications.

Who played drums on O-o-h Child?

singing in various parts of the song and also drummer Jerome Brailey on the original recording.

Did the Jackson 5 sing O-o-h Child?

It is a song of healing. “O-o-h Child” was recorded by The Five Stairsteps, a South Side precursor to The Jackson 5. The group consisted of five of the six children of Betty and Clarence Burke, Sr. Clarence, Sr.

When did the song O-o-h Child come out?

1970O-o-h Child / Released

How did the Five Stairsteps get their name?

It was Betty Burke who came up with the name the Five Stairsteps after noticing that when the siblings stood next to one another in order of age, they resembled a staircase. Besides being the lead singer, Mr. Burke was the group’s choreographer and guitar player and wrote a number of its songs.

Who are the members of the Five Stairsteps?

CubieClarence Burke, Jr.VocalsKeni BurkeJames BurkeDennis BurkeAlohe Burke
Five Stairsteps/Members

Who played drums on the 5 Stairsteps?

Purdie plays on two songs on which I have always loved the drumming in particular: The Five Stairsteps” “O-o-h Child” and Tim Rose”s version of “Hey Joe” , the one that inspired Jimi Hendrix. And from there it”s a short leap to two mixes”¦ Yes, two mixes, since he is the world”s most recorded drummer.

Who played drums on Ooh Child?

Who died in the Five Stairsteps?

Where are the Five Stairsteps from?

Chicago, ILFive Stairsteps / Origin

Are the Five Stairsteps still living?

Who was the woman in the Five Stairsteps?

Are the Five Stairsteps related?

The Five Stairsteps — four brothers and a sister — formed in Chicago in the mid-1960s, having learned to play instruments and sing from their father, Clarence Sr., a police officer, and their mother, Betty. They were once called “the first family of soul,” a moniker later adopted by the Jackson 5.

What happened to the 5 stair steps?

Disbanded. After the Stairsteps disbanded, Keni remained with Dark Horse as a solo artist. His self-produced debut solo LP, Keni Burke, was released in August 1977. The singles were “Keep on Singing” and “From Me to You”, an instrumental answer to “From Us to You”.

Are any members of the Five Stairsteps still alive?

Are any of the Five Stairsteps still living?

Who played bass for the Five Stairsteps?

During the early ’70s, sister Alohe married and both she and Cubie left the group. Kenneth played bass on records and tours of Billy Preston, who later introduced the Stairsteps to the Beatles, and the group signed with George Harrison’s A&M-distributed Dark Horse label.