Who was Prime Minister before theresa May?


Who was Prime Minister before theresa May?

List of prime ministers

Name Time in office Political party
Theresa May 2016 – 2019 Conservative
David Cameron 2010 – 2016 Conservative
Gordon Brown 2007 – 2010 Labour
Tony Blair 1997 – 2007 Labour

Who is the 76 Prime Minister of Great Britain?

List of prime ministers

No. Name Lifespan
26 Edward Smith-Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby 70 years, 208 days (25,775 days)
27 George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen 76 years, 321 days (28,079 days)
28 Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston 80 years, 363 days (29,582 days)
29 Benjamin Disraeli 76 years, 119 days (27,878 days)

Who is the most famous British Prime Minister?

Winston Churchill is generally considered one of the greatest prime ministers for his leadership during the Second World War.

Who was prime minister when Elizabeth became queen?

Winston Churchill
Since she was proclaimed sovereign throughout her realms on 6 February 1952 (Gazette issue 39458), Elizabeth II has seen 14 different prime ministers of the United Kingdom, starting with Winston Churchill who was the incumbent Prime Minister when she became Queen.

Who is the longest serving Prime Minister of England?

Period of service The prime minister with the longest single term was Sir Robert Walpole, lasting 20 years and 315 days from 3 April 1721 until 11 February 1742. This is also longer than the accumulated terms of any other prime minister. The shortest period in office is more confused, depending on the criteria.

Who was the youngest Prime Minister of England?

Pitt, at the age of 24, became Great Britain’s youngest Prime Minister ever.

Who is the shortest serving prime minister of the UK?

Consequently, the prime minister with the total shortest period in office was George Canning, whose sole term lasted 119 days from 12 April 1827 until his death on 8 August 1827.

Who was the youngest British prime minister answer?

Who became Prime Minister after Churchill?

Anthony Eden

The Right Honourable The Earl of Avon KG MC PC
Preceded by Winston Churchill
Succeeded by Harold Macmillan
Leader of the Conservative Party
In office 6 April 1955 – 10 January 1957

Who is the Prime Minister of the UK?

File photo taken on Dec. 13, 2019 shows British Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaking outside 10 Downing Street in London, Britain. British Prime Minister’s Office said on Friday that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had tested positive for coronavirus.

Where is the Prime Minister’s house in Cambridge?

Credit: SOPA Images Limited/Alamy Live News Cambridge, UK. 25th Jan, 2019. A tiny copy of the famous front door to the British Prime Minister’s residence, No 10 Downing Street, London seen in Downing Street, CAMBRIDGE.

What is the role of the Prime Minister?

The prime Minister is the leader of the political party that holds the largest number of seats in the chamber and appointed by the Queen under constitutional conventions. The role was not established by constitutional document but instead has evolved over the past 300 years.

Who was the first Prime Minister of England in 1688?

The overthrow of King James II during the Revolution of 1688 created a shift in the power dynamic and resulted in monarchs becoming more dependent on parliament. Robert Walpole is cited as the first modern Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury.