Who is Demyx the nobody of?


Who is Demyx the nobody of?

Demyx, the Melodious Nocturne (夜想のしらべ, Yasō no Shirabe?, lit. Nocturnal Poem), is Rank IX of Organization XIII, and a reserve member of the real Organization XIII. He controls water, and uses his weapon, the Sitar, as a musical instrument to make water fight for him in battle. He commands the Dancer Nobodies.

Is Demyx a keyblade wielder?

Past. According to Xemnas, Demyx’s original self was a Keyblade wielder during the Age of Fairy Tales. At some point, this Keyblade wielder succumbed to darkness, spawning a Heartless. However, his will was strong enough to spawn a Nobody as well, who joined the Organization as Demyx.

How do you beat Demyx in kh2?

During the first battle, Demyx does not physically attack. Instead, he summons 100 water forms that are to be defeated within a time limit. To make this battle a success, the player is recommended to use the “Wild Dance” Reaction Command as well as the Fire spell as many times as possible.

Who does Larxene have a crush on?

XI within the original Organization XIII and Nobody of Lauriam. He is an antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts game series, being the Lord of Castle Oblivion and the main antagonist of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. He is heavily implied to be the love interest of Larxene, the N.

How do you beat Luxord in Kingdom Hearts 2?

A good strategy is to move away from Luxord as fast as possible when he changes Sora into a die or card. The player should move around, away from Luxord’s reach, until the “Drive” empties. When Sora returns to normal, attack whenever there is an opening.

Where is the Postern in Kingdom Hearts 2?

You will also meet Yuna’s Gullwings along the way. Postern. Found by the west wall next to some railings.

Who is the Nobody of Riku?

Riku does NOT have a nobody. Period. Ansem only took control of Riku’s heart. He didn’t turn him into a heartless, he just used his body.

How did Xigbar get his scar?

After his fight against Terra, he loses his right eye and receives a jagged scar over his left cheek, making him and Master Eraqus the only two characters that are seen receiving scars during the story.