Which Latin country should I visit?


Which Latin country should I visit?

Colombia. Colombia holds a colorful place in South America’s long list of countries that are a must-visit. It has gained tremendous appeal thanks in large part to its eclectic culture, numerous visitor sites, festivals, food, and, of course – its globally renowned coffee.

What is the safest Latin American country to visit?

1. Costa Rica. Long a safe haven for tourists wanting to dip their toes into Latin American travel without being too exposed to many of the dangers associated with this region, Costa Rica remains on top of the safest countries in Latin America to travel.

Which South American country should I visit?

According to the Institute for Economics and Peace’s, Global Peace Index, which ranks the safest countries in the world, the safest countries in South America are Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru and Bolivia.

What is the most visited South American country?

These are the Most Visited Countries in South America

  1. Argentina. 7.4 million visitors (2019)
  2. Brazil. 6.4 million visitors.
  3. Chile. 4.5 million visitors.
  4. Peru. 4.4 million visitors.
  5. Colombia. 4.2 million visitors.
  6. Uruguay. 3.1 million.
  7. Ecuador. 2.1 million.
  8. Paraguay. 1.2 million.

Which is better Chile or Argentina?

Argentina is home to some of the best steak in the world, whilst Chile is more of a seafood nation. From erizos (large sea urchins) to machas (razor clams), Chile’s seafood is eclectic. Although Argentina might be a popular foodie destination, Chile does cocktails better than its neighbour.

Which South American country should I travel to?

Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru continue to be favourites with British travellers. Their well-known beaches, volcanoes, wildlife and archaeological sites – and the Galápagos Islands – have an undeniable universal appeal.

What is the cheapest Latin American country to visit?

Bolivia is one of the cheapest countries to visit in the world. So if you’re looking for cheap South American vacations, definitely put Bolivia on your list. This interesting and diverse country is full of amazing things to do, and it can all be done on a budget.

Is it better to go to Patagonia from Argentina or Chile?

If it comes down to size, the Argentine Patagonia is a winner. It’s larger than Chilean Patagonia, meaning there are more places to visit and more things to see and do. However, while Chilean Patagonia may be smaller, that also means it’s easier to see and do all the best things in that region.