Where Does Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason Lives take place?


Where Does Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason Lives take place?

Jason Lives was filmed in Covington, Georgia, an area close to Atlanta. The scenes involving the police department and town were filmed in Covington, while the camp scenes were filmed at Camp Daniel Morgan outside the city limits of Covington. In the film, Camp Crystal Lake has been renamed Lake Forest Green.

Will there be a Friday the 13th Part 2?

Taking place five years after the first film, Part 2 follows a similar premise, with an unknown stalker killing a group of camp counselors at a training camp near Crystal Lake. The film marks the debut of Jason Voorhees as the series’ main antagonist.

Did Ginny pee in Friday the 13th?

Ginny didn’t pee her pants. Apparently it was (supposed to be) the rat.

Is Friday the 13th Part 5 canon?

Not only is this the only movie where Jason doesn’t appear, but there’s also conflicting evidence whether Friday the 13th Part V should be considered canon at all. It makes complete sense why some Friday the 13th fans view A New Beginning as non-canon simply because Jason was not directly involved in the killing spree.

Who survived Friday the 13th 2?

Ted is only one of the characters who survives the carnage simply by going off and partying for the rest of the movie. In every other Friday the 13th, the characters that are introduced are all killed off except for the final girl (and sometimes there’s a final girl and a final guy).

How was Jason brought back to life?

Jason had superhuman strength and was tough to destroy, despite shootings, stabbings and axes to the head. He apparenty died a number of times but was brought back to life by a lightning bolt, by a girl with telekinetic powers and by a submerged power cable.

How does Jason stay alive?

At the end of Part VIII, toxic waste in a Manhattan sewer ate away his body until nothing remained but bones. However, he somehow popped up in one piece back at Crystal Lake at the start of Part IX. Then he was blown to bits, although his heart continued to beat. The living heart allowed him to possess living humans.